How to Come From a Place of Authenticity

These past few months and especially now, have been a bit of a turmoil inside me and I am starting to embrace that turmoil. “Aura in a turmoil?” you may wonder. The turmoil that I am referring to is the one where there are debates inside me about things that I need to seriously consider in my life. And it is this turmoil that inspires me to write the following post.

I think that at times it may be a challenge to come from a place of authenticity because of pressures of life. Or is it really the pressures of life? I question this because many times the pressures that we feel are not pressures that are coming from outside of us, they are actually coming from within us. So I would like to encourage you just like I am doing at the moment, to consider the following: What are some pressures that you are currently placing on yourself? Why are you placing those pressures onto yourself?

Many times our obligations rob us from feeling free. They make us feel as if there is one chore to do after another and then another. This can then make us feel as if we can’t breathe. As if there is never a moment to take a break. I would like to encourage you to ask yourself the following: Is it really an obligation that is holding you back? Do you really have obligations or are they things that you have imposed on yourself? Are they obligations or are they choices that you have made? The reason why I want to encourage you to question this is because many times what we call obligations are merely choices that we have made that we are not really conscious that they are choices.

I think it’s easy to want to look outside for the things we want- acceptance, love, understanding, respect, attention. But the biggest mistake in this is that the moment we do that, we give up our power. Many times the emptiness that one feels is something beyond anything anyone or anything else can provide. I would like to encourage you to ask yourself the following questions: Is what I’m missing something that I am not providing to myself? If so, why am I not providing that to myself? Do I feel powerless? If so, then how can I regain my power back?

You see, the reason why I lightly touch on some topics that one needs to pay attention to is because your authentic self lies within you. It lies in understanding yourself. It lies in taking responsibility for your life. It lies in knowing your true essence so well. It lies in taking your power back.

When you put unnecessary stress on yourself, when you feel obligated to do things, when you pressure yourself, all these things rob your joy, your freedom and your authenticity. Although everyone is different and unique, your authentic self is to be happy, energetic, in love with life and with yourself. When that is not the case, when you are not happy in any shape or form, then it’s time to reconsider things in your life. Perhaps the changes that you need are minor, perhaps these are things that are not a big deal, but what I can certainly say is that these are not things to be ignored.

Learn to honor your emotions, just don’t sit with them too long if they are negative emotions. Learn to understand your emotions. Discover who you are and what makes you tick. Discover what would make your heart jump for joy. Even discover the things that don’t make you happy. The more you discover these things for yourself, the more authentic you can become.

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Need Drama In Your Life? If You Do, Ask Yourself Why

There are some people, that it seems like, can not be without drama. Now, there are different levels of drama, different ways we create and invite drama into our life. Life in itself will give you enough reasons to have concerns such as having your health compromised or a family member who is ill, among other things. It is not good for your well-being to create nor invite drama into your life.

First, I would like to start off by defining the word drama. Drama is any unnecessary situation or person who adds unnecessary stress to you. There are many ways we create and invite drama into our life and many times we are not aware that we are doing this. I believe that the reason why we are not aware of this is because we are not aware of any needs that need to be met, of any issues that need to be resolved, or, we’re probably bored with our life and not realize it. Whatever it is, it is very important to understand why you feel the need to create this drama. The best way to have that life that you want is by knowing and understanding yourself.

How do we create or allow drama into our life and not realize it? I will share a perfect example that hits home for me because this is what I did for several years. For quite some time I longed companionship. Nothing wrong with wanting companionship except that I allowed this need to be so strong that I allowed guys into my life that were no good for me, thus creating drama into my life. This is just one of the many examples of how we can create or allow drama into our life because of “needs” that we have not met.

What this unnecessary drama does to you is that it impedes your overall well-being. It distracts you from all the good that you have going for you. It robs your energy- energy that you can utilize to focus on more positive and productive things. Like I said earlier, life will give you enough reasons to have concerns and worries. You don’t need to add to them. Focus on the things that work for you. Focus on the things that matter most- YOU and your loved ones and the things that make your heart jump for joy.

How can we eliminate some of this drama out of our life? I’m going to sound like a broken record but the best way to deal with any of the issues, conflicts, needs, voids, etc, in our life is by working from within. The best work you will ever do is working with yourself, to understand yourself. I believe this is the root cause to lots of things that happen in our life. Therefore, if you notice so much drama in your life, ask yourself why.