Give Your Past More Value

“Give your past more value?”, you may be wondering. We have always been taught to leave the past behind and indeed we need to leave the past behind but we should leave it behind AFTER we have given the past it’s value. It is this that I would like to discuss in today’s blog post.

The way to give your past more value is by extracting all the lessons you have to learn from the experience and believe me, there is more than one lesson from that experience. This is not to be confused with living in the past. This is NOT about living in the past. It is not healthy nor will it allow you to move forward if you live in the past. The past should be lessons for you. Lessons for you to be a better person. Lessons for you to mature into the person that you were designed to be. Lessons for you to know where to focus your point of attraction. Lessons for you to know what areas of you need to change. Lessons for you to see where you can growth.

The more lessons you try to extract from your past experience, the more value that past will have. Try to see what is the contrast that you had to experience and why. For instance, if you came from a bad marriage, what did you learn from that marriage? What did that partner teach you? What lacked in that marriage? Now take all this and think of the opposite. What kind of marriage do you want? What qualities would you like your next partner to have? What would you like to feel in this next marriage? I’m just using marriage as an example.

When you do your best to extract all the lessons from your past, you don’t allow it to make you a damaged goods. When you do, this is when you allow the past to determine your future and that is not the purpose of your experiences. Think of your experiences as pieces of a puzzle- they help piece out the puzzle of your life and all those pieces which are experiences just add to the bigger picture of your life.

By extracting all the lessons from the past, you are empowering yourself. You are in the driver’s seat of your experiences. You learn to master your mind, emotions and your life. The reason why I write that you learn to master your mind, emotions and your life is because it can be easy to let the past mess us up even more, be critical of ourselves and trip again if we don’t do our part to just accept the things that happen and learn all that we can from the past. Also, history tends to repeat itself so if you want to avoid repeating the same experiences, give your past more value. This will add tremendously to your well-being.

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Not Loving Yourself Is Expensive

Since we are in the month of love, I would like to write about how expensive it is to not love yourself.

I can tell you from personal experience that it has cost me a lot to not love myself in the past. It has cost me my peace, my self-esteem, my value, among other things. What many of us sometimes fail to realize is that loving ourselves is crucial to that foundation of well-being.

Not loving yourself costs you your peace in the sense that when you don’t love yourself, you will most likely settle for situations that rob you of your peace. You will choose things that are not in alignment with who you truly are. You will choose things, situations and people that only feed the negative feelings you may have about yourself and your life.

Not loving yourself makes you blind as to your own blind spots. It doesn’t allow you to see the role that you are playing in your own life and what is contributing to the negative things in your life. It can make you prone to becoming a victim to situations that you perhaps create for yourself. It doesn’t allow you to look within for self-empowerment.

Not loving yourself hurts and eats away your self-esteem. It makes you choose relationships that are far below from what you deserve. It makes you remain in situations that you need to leave and tolerate things that one must never tolerate. It also makes you attract things that are in the same vibrational energy as you are in- meaning that if you don’t feel highly about yourself, you will attract others that feel the same way. You can always tell when this is the case based on how a person treats you, speaks to you, and makes you feel.

Not loving yourself diminishes your value. What adds value to you is you. You are the one who determines your worth and how others will treat you. You do play a role in how others will perceive you. When you don’t love yourself, this is when you mistakenly believe that you are not worthy of genuine love, of kindness and respect. Because you can’t see your own value, you hinder others from seeing your value as well.

Not loving yourself can lead to feelings of depression, unworthiness, anxiety, among other things. Life is not about this. You were designed to feel loved, to be loved, to feel happiness, to live in your knowing of your value and to grow into a healthy, fulfilled individual. However, none of this can be accomplished without loving yourself.

As you can read, not loving yourself is very expensive and not worth paying that big of a price. Anything that contributes to you not loving yourself, please get rid of it. Anything that doesn’t make you feel loved, appreciated and accepted are not worth your time nor energy. Start placing more value in yourself. Start seeing your beauty. Start seeing what makes you unique and wonderful and you will be at the start of loving yourself and if you do already, you will be loving yourself even more.

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Well-being Requires Honesty

One may not think that honesty has anything to do with one’s well-being but it does. The honesty that I am writing about is not the honesty that comes from others… is the honesty that comes from your own self.

Honesty is not always an easy thing. Honesty requires a certain level of courage and strength that sometimes it’s hard to have, especially during times of vulnerability. Sometimes for our mental and emotional sanity it may seem better to lie to ourselves but I can guarantee you that this will only bite you in your behind sooner than later. No matter how hard the truth may be, how hard it is to admit certain things, it is to your own benefit to be honest with yourself.

What does it take to be honest with yourself? It takes first and foremost self-love. There will be times where you may strongly want or desire something that either isn’t for you or that plain “rejected” you and this may crush your self-esteem and question your self-worth. It is during these times when your self-love will be tested. No matter what it is that you want or love, your self-love must come BEFORE anything or anyone else. I will repeat, your self-love must come BEFORE anything or anyone else!

“Well, what does it take to have that self-love?” you may wonder. It takes being able to see your own value even when others don’t see it. It is YOU who determine your value. No material object, no person, no circumstance, no man or woman, absolutely nothing else determine your value but you. If you can’t see your own value, it is hard to be able to love yourself.

You seeing your worth and your self-love will give you the strength to be honest with yourself at all times. When you can learn to be honest with yourself, you will not accept situations or people who compromise in any way your well-being. For instance, and I can’t think of a better example than this, when you really love someone or like them but you know they don’t feel the same, it doesn’t matter what you feel for them, if they don’t feel the same for you, you MUST accept that and take your self-love, your heart, your valuables (valuables meaning what you have to offer mentally, emotionally and spiritually and your body) and go find someone who is crazy about you just as you are crazy about them. You can’t afford to accept breadcrumbs from no one. You can’t afford to be an option for someone. Honesty requires you face the truth even if the truth sucks. Honesty requires you to let go even when it hurts to let go.

When you fail to be honest with yourself, the truth somehow will hit you on the face. You can’t sustain for long something that was never yours or something that was a lie from the beginning. In the long run, that lie will hurt more than you facing the truth right from the beginning.

A life of joy and sustained happiness require that there be honesty in every area of your life first and foremost from yourself and then from others. When you fail to be honest with yourself, you tend to accept things that are not up to par with what you need and deserve.

You deserve to be truly happy. You deserve to know what you have in your life. You deserve to know that what you have is real in your life. You deserve genuine love from yourself and from others. You deserve to have a life where you love your reality in every way. This is what you deserve but in order to have that, you must be honesty with yourself.

If you love the blog, you will most certainly love my latest book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve where I discuss topics that highly impact your well-being that perhaps you may not be aware of. You can purchase your copy on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble

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The Interesting Concept of “Breadcrumbing”

I have been hearing and reading lately about the concept of breadcrumbing. For those who don’t know this concept, what this basically means is the act of a person just texting you without any commitment, no phone calls and not seeing each other in person just to keep you hanging. Now, this refers more to dating but when I think about this concept, I would dare to say this is also seen in other relationships that are not only romantic. We are starting to see this concept spill over to friendships as well. Because relationships are at the core of one’s well-being, I will be discussing how detrimental this is when you allow this into your life.

Relationships are necessary for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Without healthy relationships- let me put some emphasis on “healthy” because this is key- you will literally die while living in the sense that it is love that nurtures us. Healthy love. Once again, the key word is “healthy”.

So what does a healthy relationship look like? Healthy relationships are corresponded, meaning that you both want each other in your life, you both want each other’s company, you both reciprocate affection and effort. Let me repeat, you both reciprocate effort. What I mean with “effort” is that you both take the time to see each other, hang out, get to know each other and hear from each other. When I write “relationships”, I am not referring just to romantic relationships, I include ALL relationships- family and friends as well.

How does a healthy relationship feel like? It feels peaceful, joyous, happy, exciting, comfortable and safe. With “safe” I mean that you feel you can be yourself with the person. If you ever feel like you need to walk on egg shells, you have to hide a certain side of you, uncomfortable or you are wondering whether the other person feels the same way as you, that is not healthy. It’s not healthy because anything that makes you wonder or feel like you can’t be yourself creates doubt within you. Those who belong in your life will NOT make you feel doubtful about yourself.

When you allow someone in your life who only wants to text you, not see you when they can, shows no effort to make you a part of their life, that can hurt your self-concept. It can make you feel unappreciated and unloved because all they are offering you are breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are not healthy at all. They are void of nutrition, apart from the fact that they are not filling. So when someone is only texting you and not taking the time to see you and get to know you, you are missing nutrients such as love, appreciation, acceptance, feeling and being included in their life. All these are nutrients that we need in order to feel and be good. Remember that as human beings we have a need to be needed and loved.

You do NOT deserve breadcrumbs! You deserve and NEED the full meal with the appetizers, the entree, the dessert and all that comes with a healthy, fulfilling meal! Remember that! Breadcrumbs are NEVER satisfying. When all you are accepting are breadcrumbs, you seriously need to question how you feel about yourself. You need to question what do you want out of that other person. You need to ask yourself what do you need. If a “friend” is only offering breadcrumbs, consider that an acquaintance, not a friend. Friendships are like a healthy meal- they are full and satisfying. If you don’t feel that way, it’s time to do some clean up when it comes to your social well-being. If a date is doing that with you, get rid of that s&%$ and move on! What that person is offering you has nothing to do with your value and all to do with what that person can offer which is NOTHING.

Breadcrumbing….it’s important to understand this concept so that you can know when someone is doing this to you. This is something to avoid accepting if you truly want great well-being. Remember, healthy meals are filling. Breadcrumbs….they are not filling at all!

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What to Do When There Is No Closure

Closure is important for many reasons and we all need it when something has come to an end. Take for instance when it’s our time to go. The purpose of funerals is to provide some sense of closure by coming to the realization that the person is physically no longer on this earth however painful it may be. This same concept applies to everything in life and this indeed affects your well-being.

When something has come to an end, whatever that may be, closure is a must. It is a must to have that final moment or words that will help you mentally and emotionally come to terms with what has occurred. Whether that is a breakup of a marriage,  boyfriend/girlfriend, friendship, job loss, etc. it is that closure that eventually helps you move on. Perhaps at the moment you may not be happy with the closure, even if one was provided to you, but eventually you will see the blessing that it was.

There are moments though where there is no closure and that for some can be painful. It can be painful when someone breaks up with you with no concrete explanation. It can be painful when anything abruptly ends without any warning or reason. What must one do then? The answer is you have to provide yourself with your own closure.

Closure helps one move on. Unfortunately not everyone will have either the maturity or the strength to provide you with a decent closure that you need. It is in these cases when it is a must for you to provide your own closure. How so? At first it is only normal to play and replay everything that happened in order to figure out what went wrong or what you could have done differently. I can tell you for personal experience that although it may help in some cases, in these kinds of cases where the other person didn’t provide any warning, it’s not even worth your energy trying to analyze what went wrong.

As human beings we are flawed by nature. Each and every one of us carries a luggage. Some luggage may be very heavy, others are light. It is nice if someone is carrying a light backpack, wouldn’t that be nice?! The luggage/backpack that I am referring to is issues, we all have them. The key is to not have such huge issues that terribly interferes with our well-being and to always be willing to work on them. With this in mind, remember that 95% of the things that other people do have nothing to do with you. I will repeat this, 95% of the things that other people do have nothing to do with you. People respond, live and behave according to what they are thinking and how they view themselves. What others have to say about you, what they do and how they respond to certain things is none of your business.

With this said, there will be those who will behave and react in ways that we will never comprehend. As long as you know you have been honest, loving, caring, and all the positive things with the other person, if for whatever reason the other person behaves in a way that makes you feel hurt, know that those who don’t belong in your life have to leave your life. Anyone who doesn’t value you as a person, value your friendship, value what you have to offer, YOU ARE SO LUCKY. Let me repeat, you are so lucky! It is a must for your well-being to stop allowing the lack of closure from others, their lack of vision, for lack of a better word to mean that they can’t see your value, and their behavior to hurt you to such a degree that a piece of you gets chipped.

Bless anyone who leaves your life, it’s your blessing not a curse! Feel grateful for anyone who does you wrong, they taught you a lesson and you know who they are and where they belong which is out of your life! Feel lucky for anyone who can’t see your value, they are already telling you they are not meant to be of any service in your life! Provide your own closure by knowing that you are the winner in any “misfortune”. Provide your own closure by knowing that you did good to the other person so your karma is good. Provide your own closure by knowing your value. It is a must for your well-being.

Closure is an essential part to one’s well-being because it confirms to us that something has ended. However, when closure is not provided to you or when the closure isn’t satisfying to you, it is a must that you provide yourself with your own closure by knowing your value, by knowing that you are ALWAYS the winner whenever anyone lets you go or whenever any door closes. Thank God for those who let you go and for those closed doors, they are leaving space for the right people and things to come your way.

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This Week’s Message…

For the past two weeks and still this week have been one of the most difficult times in my family’s life. A family emergency has taken me away from several of the things that I was working on and the lessons that I already knew have hit me even harder and it is the message that I would like to share with you this week.

Many times we get so fixated on things that do not matter. We get frustrated because of small things and we sometimes miss out on still seeing the blessing that we have in our life. We don’t really understand what it truly means to be rich in life and don’t seem to value what we have until we either have it in a limited capacity or we lose it. This week’s message is…if you can see, if you can walk, if you can hear, if you can talk, if you have your family and are surrounded by love, if you have health….you have EVERYTHING.

What we sometimes fail to realize is that these are the foundation from which we can build upon. Many times we take our health for granted. Many times we take for granted our body’s capacity and we take for granted those who love us. When we do this, we risk missing out on so many greatness and on building from that foundation. We risk delaying our happiness or we just risk not being happy at all.

When you have health, you are able to do basically anything you want since the state of your body is what determines what you can and can not do. The state of your body determines your lifestyle since a compromised health can mean a limited lifestyle since there are things that the body is not able to do.

Love is the basis for everything, it is truly the nutrient to your heart, your soul, your mind and your body since the mental, emotional and physical aspects are all connected. Knowing that you are loved can mean that you have added strength to get through any tough situation life may throw your way. This is why investing in your family as well as those who truly love you is a must.

For your well-being it is a must that you remember this one message that I have for you this week. And even if you are missing any one of these things, there are still things that you have that are a part of that foundation of well-being. Build upon that foundation and remember….if you can see, if you can walk, if you can hear, if you can talk, if you have your family and are surrounded by love, if you have health…you have EVERYTHING.

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The Value In Lacks

“Has Aura gone nuts in this post?!” “What in the world does “lacks” have to do with our well-being?!”, you’re probably wondering because of what this post is about. Continue reading and you will see how your “lacks” or your perceived lacks have to do with your well-being.

I believe that anything that has even a minor impact on your emotions, your thoughts, your physical being, your spiritual being, all has to do with well-being. I think most of us suffer because of what we either feel we lack or what we actually lack and that can be anything from lack of money, lack of companionship, lack of whatever it is that is hurting you. If you are not careful, this lack can take over you and hurt you in certain areas of your life, if not all of the areas of your life. How so, you may ask? The perfect example I can think of, and this is just one of many examples, is if you feel the lack of companionship. If this lack becomes too strong within you, you may find yourself settling for less than you deserve, in a relationship that you are not happy in, or, God forbid, even in an abusive relationship.

Our lacks or our perceived lacks, if we are not aware and careful, can get us into so much trouble, to the point of affecting our well-being. When all that we see in our life are lacks, we miss seeing all the other beautiful things that we have in our life. So what can you do with the lacks or perceived lacks that you have in your life? Well, you can start seeing the value in them. That’s right! Nothing needs to go to waste and that includes your lacks.

Your lacks are what can help you appreciate when that thing or situation or person that you want in your life arrives. It can help you have a sense of gratitude for things. So for example, if you feel a strong sense of lack of companionship, this can help you appreciate when you do meet someone who is right for you. If you lack money, this lack will help you gain an appreciation for when you do have money. Just like you need to know what sadness is so that you know what happiness truly means, lacks provide you with the opportunity to learn lessons so that you can learn to be grateful for those things when they do arrive in your life.

The next time you feel a lack or have a perceived lack, (I say “perceived lack” because there are times that the lack one may feel is one that they may perceive it that way because they are not seeing it any other way), try looking at that lack from a different angle and find out what you can learn from it. Remember that your mind and your view on things has a great impact on your overall well-being.

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