Pay Attention to Your Words

We talk so much during the day. More than we can even imagine. Many times we are not even aware of how much we talk and the impact that our words have in our life. We take very lightly our words and phrases to others and to ourselves that we don’t even stop to ask ourselves how our words are impacting our emotional, mental and physical well-being. Have you ever noticed how you felt after having a chat with someone who only had negative things to say? Most likely you felt that person drained all of your energy. That is the power that your words have.

Your words have the power to create and transform your life. Your words have the power to destroy a relationship or a business contract that you may have. In the same manner, your words have the power to heal your soul, a relationship, make a client want to do business with you, etc. Your words also have the power to create a life full of positivism, health, happiness and more love.

Seeing all that words can do for you, I would suggest to increase a positive vocabulary everyday. Instead of saying “What an ugly day”, say “Even though today may not look so nice outside, today will be a beautiful day”. Instead of criticizing someone in a negative way, try to see the positive side of that person. Instead of talking about illnesses and pain, talk about abundance and health. Everyday make an effort to talk about beautiful things and you will see how your life will transform itself. It is the small things that can take you to a point where you just live to the max.

What Does It Mean to Truly Be Positive?

When something upsets me or disappoints me, I’m not necessarily that happy, bubbly person that people tend to know me as. “Yes, I can be a bit feisty” is my response when someone sees that side of me. Today, I found myself pondering on the question “What does it mean to be truly positive?”.

To me, being a positive person doesn’t mean that you are always smiling and giggling and think life is all roses and perfect. A truly positive person has their feet on the ground, they know life is not perfect and despite this, they hold their head up and expect the best. Because we are all humans, we will feel all kinds of emotions like anger and worry, for example. A truly positive person embraces these emotions rather than hide them but doesn’t linger on these emotions. A truly positive person doesn’t fake that they don’t feel these emotions, they feel it, accept it and do their best to look at the bright side of things. A positive person is aware that there is a positive and a negative to things but does their best to see the positive in things.

Being truly positive is more of a state of mind than a feeling. You constantly put yourself in a state of mind where despite how disappointed you may be because of something, you still do your best to see the good in it. It is you doing your best to be mindful of how you are feeling and the things around you. It is you embracing every part of who you are even the sides you may not like about yourself. It is you embracing every emotion you feel and respecting it. Our feelings are there for a reason and they can tell you a lot if you are open to it. Part of being positive is you also doing your best to not be so critical of others since you don’t know their whole story. I find, at least for me, that when I’m highly critical of others, it is because there is something in my life that I am ignoring that isn’t right.

Being truly positive is something you have to work on everyday. It may not be easy at first but it will get easier with time. This will also require that you analyze your life and be in a journey of getting to truly know yourself.