It’s Only a Matter of Time…

It’s so easy to be impatient when you really want something. Trust me, I know, those close to me know that I can sometimes be so impatient about certain things. However, when we don’t seem to have that which we want so bad, we have to remind ourselves that it’s only a matter of time.

How can you get into that state of reminding yourself that it’s only a matter of time when what you want you want it now? Well, look at where you are now and where you were before. I’m pretty sure that although things pretty much may “look” the same, if you look closely, you have had changes along the way that perhaps were not so noticeable for you. This should tell you that life isn’t always the same and that things are continuously changing and will continue changing. Allow this to give you a sense of hope that things will get better with time. Another way to remind yourself that it’s only a matter of time for you to get what you want is to look for signs from the Universe that you are getting closer to the things you want. This can be that perhaps you met someone who has what you want or is where you want to be. It could be that the last person you dated has most of the qualities that you are looking for in a mate. It could be that you are surrounded by the environment that you desire to be a part of. Life is always giving you signs that what you want will happen and reminding you that it’s only a matter of time.

What does this phrase do to your well-being and how relevant it is to your everyday life? This one phrase, if you allow it, can transform your negative thinking and feeling to one of hope and faith. The feelings of hope and faith shift the way you think which will affect the way you behave. When you are in a state of desperateness, anger, sadness or hopelessness, these feelings don’t allow you to make the right choices which then affects your well-being in negative ways. You choose the wrong person because you think that someone is better than no one or because you don’t think you will find your One. You jump into a decision because you can’t wait for the right thing to arrive. You break relationships that may be beneficial to you because you can’t seem to see things from a positive light and on and on the list goes.

Anytime you feel like you’re about to lose hope because that thing that you want hasn’t arrived yet, remember, it’s only a matter of time. That love that you are waiting for still you don’t see any signs of him/her coming, it’s only a matter of time. That weight that you are trying to lose doesn’t seem to want to come off of you, it’s only a matter of time. No matter what….it’s only a matter of time.

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You Will Always Be a Work-In-Progress….

I think this post can be applied to anyone but this especially goes to all those who tend to be a perfectionist like me since perfectionists tend to be a little more harsh on themselves.

There are times where you will be so far from perfect. This in itself can ignite feelings of anger, guilt, worry and even disappointment. I think the best way to combat this is by reminding yourself that for as long as you live, you will always be a work-in-progress.

None of us are perfect and there will be issues that we need to resolve within ourselves because we’re human. It’s only normal to have our issues and the most important part of this is taking steps every day in order to solve those issues. Because one may have unresolved issues or one may do things that makes them far from perfect, part of well-being is to do our best to be bigger than that issue or whatever it is that we feel bad that we did wrong and come to peace with whatever happened and to grow from it.

When you remind yourself that you are a work-in-progress, you relieve that pressure to be perfect. That relief of pressure makes you free to be your true self, whatever that self may be. When you are your true self, you are your most happiest version because there is nothing like you being who you truly are.

When you remind yourself that you are a work-in-progress, you allow yourself room for growth. How so? When you know you are a work-in-progress, you know that there is more growth to come. This knowing makes you expect great changes while at the same time embracing who you are at the moment. When you know this, you know that who you are now is yet to evolve into something better. It’s the knowing that you are under construction in a very good way.

Just like when something is under construction the area may not look so nice because of course, there are repairs and tears on the place, so will you have repairs that needs to get done and tears because certain things will need to be broken down in order to be rebuild. Growth requires changes and some of those changes may mean that there will be some tearing down of certain things within you and there is nothing wrong with that. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, it just means that a better version of you will emerge as a result.

Knowing that you are a work-in-progress is so important to your well-being because it prevents you from being too hard on yourself when you are not your best you for whatever reason. It helps you to be more compassionate and empathetic with yourself. This helps you take better care of yourself by being the kind of friend that you would be for someone else who is hard on themselves, only that you are being this friend to yourself. So with this post, I encourage you to remind yourself…you will always be a work-in-progress.

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Two Ingredients That Can’t Be Missing When It Comes to Your Well-being

Well-being is comprised of many different things that all add up to our balance and happiness in life. Just like in a cake there are certain ingredients that can NOT be missing because otherwise the cake won’t be a cake, there are two ingredients that can NOT be missing if you are to have true happiness and balance in life and they are courage and self-love.

You can not be without courage when it comes to well-being because great things in life requires courage. No matter what it is that you may want in life- have your own home, be married, have kids, move to another state, lose weight, have your own business- all this requires courage. It requires courage because fear may kick, because self-doubt will creep in, because your old habits will want to kick in and you will want to stay in your old ways. The problem with staying with your old ways is that your old ways won’t lead to happiness if you are unhappy where you are. This will just make you more unhappy, fueling the sense of being stuck and of frustration. Lack of courage leads you to live a life that you don’t want. It allows fear and self-doubt to dominate your life. It conditions your mind to thinking that what you want isn’t possible and this paralyzes you. When you are mentally paralyzed because of lack of courage, you prevent your own growth and growth is essential to your well-being.

Self-love is another ingredient that can not be missing because it is this kind of love that will determine everything in your life. It is self-love that will not allow someone to disrespect you or mistreat you because you know you deserve better. It is self-love that will help you attract loving people in your life because that is what you will be expecting from others. Self-love is what allows you to do loving things to yourself. Self-love is what allows you to place yourself in situations that are uplifting to you. Self-love is truly the basis for everything. When you don’t love yourself, you do the opposite of all that I just wrote. You allow mistreatment from others because you feel either that is all that you deserve or that is all you can get. Because of lack of self-love, you lower your standards just to be accepted and loved by others. Lack of self-love leads to you entering in relationships that compromise your well-being. So as you can read, self-love is an ingredient that can not be missing when it comes to your well-being.

If one is lacking in either courage or self-love or in both, the best thing to do is to exercise these muscles. You need to exercise your courage and self-love muscles one day at a time and be patient with yourself because just as the muscles in the body takes time to tone up and get in shape, so will your courage and self-love muscles will take time to build. If you need to take baby steps then start with something small but that still challenges you so that you can exercise that courage muscle. Start by doing something loving just for yourself so that you can start exercising that self-love muscle. Take it a day at a time and slowly but surely these two muscles will build and be strong. It is here that you start laying the foundation to your well-being.

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One of Your Best Assets Is Having And Cultivating Patience

We live in a society that unfortunately feeds us the idea of having everything fast and easy, comfortable and with not much work, where everything needs to be now. And what has this done to us? This has made us into people who feel that we need everything NOW. We have lost patience for things and when things are not as fast as they “need” to be, we just give up and move on to the next thing hoping it will be quick enough. One of the best assets you can have that will benefit tremendously your mental, emotional and physical well-being is having and practicing patience.

I don’t know about you but when I start to lose patience, I can feel how my body starts to change.  I start to feel hot and I sweat a bit, I feel irritable, I can feel my body getting tense and I can’t think straight. It takes me a while to go from that state to a calm, peaceful state. If you ask me, I think it’s not worth it to feel that way.

When you practice patience, you come from a different place. When you have patience, your composure is different, your mind is clear and you are not coming from a “reacting” place. When you lose patience, you react and that reacting is not a very good one. When you are impatient, you react by giving up or getting loud or getting angry and this takes you nowhere. Plus, your energy changes and you reflect who you are and how you feel whether you realize it or not.

Anything great or worthy in life requires patience. Whether it be a relationship that you are in or a business you are trying to build or even waiting in line to be served. Even though we live in this society that wants to feed us this idea of having things fast and the easy way, in reality, the fast and easy things come with a very costly price. One perfect example of this is those who are very impatient to lose weight and rather than losing weight the healthy way, the way we were designed to lose weight, they decide to do surgery instead, for example. Unfortunately for some, the price of doing this has been costly. There have been people who either got an infection as a result of the surgery or even died. Now, to each their own and I respect anyone who decides to do cosmetic surgery because to me that takes courage but when you resort to this because you are impatient to lose the weight, you miss out on all the wealth of knowledge you can be gaining by losing weight the natural way. If you are trying to build a business and become impatient, you can miss out on so much that you can be gaining in the process of trying to make it big in your business. There is a saying that I learned back when I was in high school and I never forgot it and it was “It’s not the getting there, it’s the getting there” and this I believe applies to everything in life. It’s not just the getting to the destination that’s important, which in business is making a lot of money for many, it’s also all that you learn along the way that matters just as much or more!

There are many ways that we can practice patience and I think a number one fact is our mind. Your mindset plays a big role in everything you do. Start by realizing that great things take time. Great things don’t come so quickly and that’s ok. That gives you time to sink in all the things that are happening and you give yourself the chance to learn along the way. If what makes you impatient is waiting in line, my suggestions are two things. One, allow enough time in between the waiting in line and the next activity that you have to do. This way you don’t feel the pressure that you are waiting too much on line to be served because you have another place to go to. Also, if just the fact of waiting on line is just too much for you, believe it or not, that time that you are waiting in line can still be a productive time. I love to read and so I am always carrying a book with me. Perhaps that’s a time that you can take to read something you have been meaning to read, for example. There are many more ways that you can practice patience, it’s a matter of being creative.

There are many assets that we can have that would add more well-being into our life and one of the top ones is patience. It is my desire for you to live a life that is great and healthy and one way to achieve that is by striving to have that balance in all areas of your life. Patience is one of those assets that many neglect but so essential to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Life can sometimes be very difficult and that’s when practicing patience will be very handy for your mental and emotional sanity.