The Importance of Having an Outlet

I’m a believer that no matter what our responsibilities are, no matter how many things we have to do, it is necessary to have an outlet.

What is an outlet? Just like we use an outlet to charge our electronic devices, an outlet for us would be an activity or something that helps us recharge our batteries so that we can have the energy to do all the other things that we have to do. It is that outlet that gives us strength, it helps us deal with the everyday life. An outlet can be an activity (i.e. yoga, meditation, exercise, reading, etc.)  or a place that gives us a sense of peace. An outlet is like an “escape” to what we are doing every day. That outlet can also be a good friendship that we may have. The activity is up to you. There are so many things that one can do in order to entertain the mind and soul and thus have more health in every sense.

Why is it important to have this? When we live just to work, just to take care of the family, just to fulfill our everyday duties without having something that we do just for us that we truly enjoy, we can burn out. We can get to a point of boredom. When there is a great responsibility on us and we have no outlet to recharge our batteries, we can have a mental breakdown. Cultivating other areas of our life is just as important for our health and well-being like it is to be eating right. When we don’t place any importance on our mental, emotional and spiritual self, we may just start to slip. We may feel like things are going downhill and not understand why when the solution can be something as simple as having an activity that we enjoy for ourselves.

Part of taking care of ourselves is being able to have things that we enjoy doing, having people whose company we truly enjoy, anything that is healthy for our mind and soul. We must always feed our mind and soul in order to have well-being. What is it that you will be doing today in order to feed your mind and soul?

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Unplug For Your Well-being

I want to start by asking, what would you do if an outlet in your house doesn’t work? I’m pretty sure you would unplug any electrical appliance that you have plugged to that outlet, right. And why do you unplug? Because the outlet isn’t providing anything to your electrical equipment. Well, guess what, same thing applies to everything else in life.

There are times we are plugged into something that once did provide us with that charge that we so needed. That can be a relationship, a job, an apartment, anything. However, there are times when that very thing that once charged our batteries either depletes our energy, no longer is serving what we so need and deserve, no longer is providing anything of value to us and it is then when we must unplug.

So why unplug? It is important to unplug because life never meant for you to feel constantly depleted, not energized, sad or even angry. No, life is meant for you to feel joy, energized, good, balanced and with a sense of well-being. When something depletes your energy, your sense of well-being in any shape or form, this is not good for you. It is no longer serving you and what is the point of having something that no longer serves you?! It just keeps taking up space for new and better things to come to you.

I want to clarify that by no means am I encouraging you to view people as objects that you discard or anything of that sort. What I mean is when you notice that a relationship isn’t adding to your well-being by making you genuinely happy, by loving and caring for you for who you really are, by being there for you the way you need that person to be present for you, then you must question what is the purpose of that relationship.

The whole purpose of unplugging is so that you can then plug into an outlet that DOES work. You unplug so that you can give yourself room to go to things that DO energize you, make you feel good and that adds to your overall well-being. Life is too short for you to be wasting it on things that don’t contribute to your well-being. Life is too short for you to have a job that you don’t like, for you to be in a relationship that makes you unhappy, for you not to be cultivating who you really are. Life is about happiness, energy, courage, excitement and there are times that in order to have all this you must unplug.

Unplugging….doesn’t only apply to electrical devices, it also applies to you and your life as well. The next time you notice something isn’t making you feel good, assess the “outlet”, which by “outlet” I mean whatever it is that you are attached to that doesn’t seem to serve you, and if indeed after assessing it you notice it is no longer working, then unplug. Unplugging from things that doesn’t serve you will add tremendously to your overall well-being.

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