The Things That Held You Back

Some people may look back and realize that there were several things that held them back. Perhaps those things were the people around them, perhaps their environment, their childhood, their limiting beliefs, etc. and for some, the very thought of these things holding them back keeps holding them back.

The one thing you can never recuperate is time. Once time is gone, it’s gone. However, you still have more time ahead of you. The longer you keep looking back at the things that held you back, the more held back you will be. The things that once held you back don’t need to continue holding you back.

If you are held back for whatever reason, I want you to seriously consider the fact that perhaps it is you who is holding you back. Why do I dare you to consider this? Because the reality is that you can NOT control what others do. You can NOT control how others think. NO ONE has power over you. NO ONE can define you. NO ONE, unless you grant them permission, can do anything in your life.

I want to briefly discuss about childhood and this is one that is difficult to talk about since I know for some there were probably serious childhood issues. Once you become an adult, YOU have the choice as to whether or not you are going to continue to allow what happened to you to affect you. If you realize that the issues are too deep that you can’t handle them alone, then go seek a therapist or a psychologist. Get the help you need but don’t continue to allow your past to affect you in negative ways.

I want to briefly discuss limiting beliefs. It is a must to find the source of the limiting beliefs. You may be surprised to learn that the limiting belief you may have is someone else’s beliefs and you just internalized it as your own belief. It is important to challenge your beliefs if you are to grow into the person that you are meant to be.

I want to briefly discuss your environment. You don’t have to be your environment. If your environment isn’t congruent with the person that you are, that doesn’t mean that who you really are is wrong. Just like not all trees can grow in the same environment, we all can’t grow in the same environment. Know that you are much more than your environment if your environment is not a reflection of you. Also know that just because you are not like your environment, that doesn’t make you wrong. That just means that you are you and that’s it. There is nothing wrong with that.

The last thing I want to briefly discuss is people. What people think or say about you is none of your business. Your business is YOU and that’s it. Once again, you can’t control what other people do. You can’t control how other people think. People can only hold you back if you allow them to hold you back. Also people’s complexes and criticisms are non of your business. What other people decide to do with their life you can not control. The only person you can control is yourself so start to control yourself so that you can have the life that you want.

It is a must to control your thoughts, your emotions, your decisions, your actions and what you allow in your life. Remember that nothing needs to hold you back unless you ALLOW it to hold you back. This is the key word- allow. Remember that you are the only one who can allow things to hold you back.

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Are You a Liability to Yourself?

Many times we don’t have the life that we want, we don’t feel as great as we are capable of feeling and we don’t reach our fullest potential not because we are not deserving of all the things that we want but because we are our own liability.

The meaning of liability is something that can cause a disadvantage. So with this said, when you are your own liability, you put yourself in a disadvantage in the sense that you yourself cause your own misfortunes, your own failures, your disappointments, etc.

You are probably wondering “how so?”. Well, there are many ways to be your own liability. You can do this through your own beliefs. If you deep down inside don’t believe you are worthy, don’t think you are enough, don’t think that you are capable, these beliefs hinder you of the very thing that you want. This is something to be dealt with ASAP since not dealing with one’s own beliefs can keep recreating what it is that you don’t want.

You do this through your thoughts, whether these are thoughts about yourself or thoughts about your life. This can kind of be related to your beliefs but with thoughts, think about what it is that you think on a daily basis. Your thoughts do influence your emotions.

You can be your own liability by the things that you allow in your life. What kind of messages are you allowing in? What kind of relationships are you allowing in your life? What kind of environments are you choosing to be a part of? What kind of labels are you allowing? You can truly become what you allow.

What kind of shape are you emotionally? We are driven by our emotions. We make decisions based on our emotions. When emotionally we are not right, we won’t have the capacity to make decisions with clarity. When emotionally we are not right, we open the doors to bad things to come into our life.

When you come to the realization that you are your own liability, it is a must to get help. Sometimes it is hard to do this on our own and that is when it is a must to reach out to someone who can help. This is for your own good as well as the good of your own well-being.

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What To Do With Setbacks

This past weekend I had what I called a setback. This is a setback that is spilling over to other areas of my life and I just kept wondering why. Why can’t I seem to be moving forward the way I want to? Why is it that things are not working or going the way I want them or need them to go? Why, why, why? I’m pretty sure most of you have had moments like this in your life as well and so I feel it is important to write about what to do with setbacks.

First let’s define what a setback is. A setback can be a difficulty you are encountering at the moment, a reversal in what you are doing meaning that instead of moving forward you are moving backwards or something that you feel or think is standing in your way. We all go through setbacks at some point in our life because there is value in every setback. I was tempted to say that we go through setbacks because that’s life but that is like saying that life is meant to have some difficulties and I don’t think that is it.

So with this said, then what can one do with setbacks? Because there is value to setbacks, (remember this one-value, this is key so remember this) this is an opportunity for growth. You can grow spiritually, mentally, physically and you can even learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before. One of the things that we should always feel encouraged to do is learn because learning is part of growth in every way. Setbacks can offer you the opportunity to strengthen a belief or a value that you perhaps didn’t believe to be true before. For instance, if you have a year that you get sick a lot, your physical state can be a setback because as a result of how you feel, there are things that you have to put on hold since the main concern is your health. However, this one setback can provide you with the knowledge not just in the mind but in the heart of how important your body is and how important it is the way you treat it. Because of this experience, you now fully understand the value of your body, the value in how you treat it because what you just went through hit home for you. Even seeing a relative getting sick can hit home for you how important it is to take care of yourself.

Setbacks can be an opportunity for you to see a side of yourself that perhaps had it not been for that setback, you would have never known that about yourself. An example of this could be perhaps you are being challenged to do something and in the process you learn that you need to be more patient or be more organized. There is always something about ourselves that we can learn that we don’t know yet. I am one to believe that there is so much to us and so much learning to do when it comes to ourselves.

Setbacks don’t have to be a problem nor an obstacle. It may feel that way in this present time but if you dig deep and pay close attention, you will find lessons hidden in that setback that can help enrich your life in so many ways than you can possibly imagine. It’s all in paying close attention and being willing to learn.

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