Do Things That You Can Be Proud Of

In today’s post, I would like to encourage you to do things that you can be proud of and to focus on that very pride that you want to feel whenever you want to do something.

Why focus on the pride? Pride is a great feeling and it is a feeling that can keep us going. The reason why I encourage you to focus on the pride is because there WILL be times when you will feel lazy to do something. There WILL be times when life will get in the way. The things that you may want to do may scare you. That’s just the way it is because we are human. However, if you do your best to focus on the pride part, this can encourage you to do things despite you not wanting to do them and despite things getting in the way.

Also, because it is the beginning of a new year, it’s easy to create new years resolution and not keep up with the things you have to do in order to accomplish your goals. It can be easy to be distracted, especially in today’s world. It becomes crucial to be focused for your own well-being and knowing that you want to have things to be proud of can push you further.

Do things that you can be proud of despite not feeling like it. Know that those moments do come so think of ways that you can overcome that feeling. For me, it is what I am recommending to you in today’s post- I remind myself of how proud I want to feel about myself.

Do things that you can be proud of despite life getting in the way. Ahh life, life sometimes does have its moments. Think about where do you want to be a month from now. Think about what you want to be able to say that you accomplished. If you have to, find an accountability partner. This can help you keep going even when things can get in the way. When my dad was very ill at the hospital, it was challenging for me to eat healthy because I was sad with all that was going on. It was the Sugar Buster program that helped me keep going even when I didn’t feel like eating right.

Do things that you can be proud of despite the fear. I can tell you from personal experience that the more you want out of life, the more fear you will feel and that’s because you are stepping into the unknown. Feel the fear and remind yourself that the fear you feel is also excitement masked in fear. Remember that fear is normal because you are stepping into the unknown.

It’s important to always do things that you can feel proud of and this can be big or small. It can be something like drinking more water if you hardly drink water to daring to do something that you have always dreamed to do. There is always a start to everything and challenges will arise along the way. However, for your overall well-being, it is important to learn from those challenges and grow. Nothing that ever happens has to go to waste. I encourage you that every day you work on doing something that you can be proud of and you’re more than welcome to share in this post what have you done that you are proud of. I look forward to hearing from you.

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You Need Cojones!

What I’m about to write will perhaps sound so silly but to me it isn’t because of the meaning that this has for me. I went last month to the Department of Driver Services in Atlanta to get my Georgia State ID without realizing that I had to give up both my NY State ID and my permit. I couldn’t even keep my NY State ID as a memorabilia. As I gave up my ID and permit, I had a mixture of emotions that ranged from shock to sadness to excitement all at once. As I was leaving the DDS with my paper state ID, I realized that to live that life that you want, no matter what it is, you need cojones.

Cojones in Spanish means “balls” so in essence, you need balls or courage to live that life that you want. There are many things that will feel intimidating and most likely that’s because what you’re doing is something new to you. Anything that is new will be intimidating. What you can not allow is your fear of something new stop you from doing what you want to do.

You need cojones to do what you want to do even when others don’t understand why you want to do what you want to do and even if they don’t agree with you. In the end, you are the one living your life, no one is living it for you so you need to do what makes sense to you, not others. The only person that you truly owe any explanation to is to yourself.

You need cojones to dare, to dare to be you, to dare to dream, to dare to leap. There are times that it may not be easy to be your true self but yet it is a must. Who else are you supposed to be if not yourself?! Besides, if you’re not your true self, you don’t attract those that are truly meant to be in your life. There are times that dreaming for some can be scary, especially when they are big dreams but yet we must still dare. You will never know what you are capable of having and being unless you dream and try.

Having cojones is so necessary for your well-being because the frustration of many is the very fact that they may not be living the life that they really want. Living authentically is so crucial to your mental and emotional sanity whether you realize it or not. We all reach a point in our life where we will wonder if we have reached our full potential and if we are all that we can be. So start building up those cojones!

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The Importance of Facing Your Fears

The past few weeks have been about me moving to another state, doing something that I have wanted to do for the longest time but that I must admit I was a bit afraid to do. It is because of this that I’m inspired to write about the importance of facing your fears.

We all have fears of some sort. Fear is such an innate feeling and there is a reason why we inherited fear and it got passed on from generation to generation. Fear was meant to prepare us for a situation that may put us at harm and so the body gets ready to deal with the situation. However, it seems like nowadays many of us have fears about things that are not putting us in danger. Having fear of the unknown is quite normal. Anything that isn’t familiar to us will normally make us feel uncomfortable. Despite this it is important to face your fears and I will explain why in this post.

Facing your fears will help you grow. When you fear something because it is unknown territory and because of this you run away from it, you’re actually shrinking as a person spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You don’t grow always doing what is familiar to you. You grow through change. Doing the things you want and need to do despite the fear will help you see your strengths and what you’re really made up of. How are you going to know what you’re really capable of doing if you don’t face your fears?!

Facing your fears helps expand you in every way. What do I mean with this? I mean that you start to see all the possibilities in your life. You allow yourself to know all that is out there and this will make you see life in a whole different light. Since it is our perspective that shapes us, your perspective of the world will change as a result of you facing your fears. This then will change the reality of your life.

Facing your fears helps build your courage muscles. When you face your fears, you start to realize that what you feared wasn’t so scary after all and you build the courage to do more things that may feel scary to you. Now that is powerful!

Facing your fears is important for your overall well-being. You simply can’t afford to live on fear and what you should fear the most is continuing to live a life that you are not happy with just because you fear taking that step. I would like to encourage you with this post to start facing any fear that you may have.

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Do You Really Want What You Say You Want?

We all want so many things in life. Who doesn’t?! We all want financial success, a successful career, success in romantic relationships, etc and it seems like there are many things that we do in order to try to get those things. There are times when not having success at reaching that goal may seem as if we are doing something wrong when everything we are doing is suppose to be right. There are things that I have analyzed about our behavior that makes me question certain things and it is for this reason that I ask you today, do you really want what you say you want?

There is a Spanish saying that says “No es lo mismo llamar al diablo que verlo llegar” which the literal translation is “It is not the same to call the devil than to see him come”. I think this Spanish saying summarizes very well the reason why I ask the question “do you really want what you say you want?”. There are times that we ask for certain things and we seem to want it so much but then when we do get what we want, oppss, we realize we were not ready after all or may have realized that we don’t really want what we say we want or whatever the reason may be that we may be blocking what we want to come to us.

When you make a list of the things that you say that you want, really ask yourself if you really want it. How will this person/thing impact your life? Ask yourself are you really ready and willing to make the sacrifices necessary in order to have what you say you want? You have to be genuinely honest with yourself. This applies to everything in life, whether it be weight loss, a romantic relationship, toning your body, that business you want to build, anything. I will give you examples. If what you really want is weight loss, are you really willing to face your demons that are stopping you from achieving your goal (i.e. if you feel you can’t stop overeating, etc)? Are you really willing to change your diet? Are you willing to incorporate physical fitness into your life? If it’s a romantic relationship that you want, truly ask yourself, are you willing to make time for that new love? Are you willing to dedicate time to that person? Will that person have some priority in your life or are you too preoccupied in your life? If you were to meet the “right one”, would you be willing to give it a chance? Are you creating physical, mental and emotional space for that other person? If you want to tone your body, are you willing to get disciplined to eat when you are supposed to and workout? Are you willing to plan out your meals? If it’s a business that you want to start, are you willing to dedicate the time and energy that it takes to build a business? Are you willing to stick through it even when the going gets tough?

There is truly a lot of inner thinking and being honest with yourself when it comes to the things that you say that you really want. You can’t just want something and then when it comes you chicken out. When this is the case then you never really wanted what you said you wanted. Truly think about what you really want and ask yourself those challenging questions because they will shed some light to you as to what you need to do in order to have the things that you want and it will provide indicators to you as to whether or not you are ready for what you say you want.

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