Where Does Peace Start?

Peace, I would dare to say, is at the core of well-being. This is because without peace, you can’t be centered. Without peace, you can’t have balance. Without peace, you can’t make the right choices. Without peace, you make yourself vulnerable to feelings that can ruin any good in your life.

Peace is one of the pillars of well-being, so with this said, where does peace start? It starts with you first. Before peace can start in your home, before peace can start in any relationship, that peace needs to start first within you. This is because when you have peace within you, that is a peace that you carry with you no matter where you are, where you go, no matter any relationship you are in. When you have peace within you, that is something that you are able to take with you anywhere and you emanate everywhere.

Peace is not something that depends on others or something else although other people or things can contribute to that peace or can even try to take that peace away. Ultimately it is you who dictates whether or not that is something that you will have in your life. It is you who decides if you will let only things and people that contribute to that peace. This is because we are the ones who allow things and people into our life.

Where can one start to achieve peace? It starts with awareness. Awareness of the self is essential to one’s well-being. You achieve peace when you know who you truly are, when you understand what triggers certain emotions so that you can then steer yourself towards the direction in life that you want to take. It starts with understanding that it is you who create your life, it is you who decides what you will feel, it is you who decides whether you will let in goodness, that it is the relationship with yourself that matters most. It starts with working on any issues that you may have so that you can then be fully open to goodness. No one else can do this for you. No one else can do the work for you. No one else can give you the love that you can only give yourself. Yes, other people can contribute to that happiness, other people can add to your peace but no one can fully make you happy, no one can fully give you peace. That ultimately starts with you.

I would like to encourage you with today’s post to do only things that give you peace, to always strive to have peace within you and anything that takes away from that peace, rather than running away from it, try to find out what is it about it that takes your peace away. It is that self awareness the key to your happiness and peace that you need.

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Unplug For Your Well-being

I want to start by asking, what would you do if an outlet in your house doesn’t work? I’m pretty sure you would unplug any electrical appliance that you have plugged to that outlet, right. And why do you unplug? Because the outlet isn’t providing anything to your electrical equipment. Well, guess what, same thing applies to everything else in life.

There are times we are plugged into something that once did provide us with that charge that we so needed. That can be a relationship, a job, an apartment, anything. However, there are times when that very thing that once charged our batteries either depletes our energy, no longer is serving what we so need and deserve, no longer is providing anything of value to us and it is then when we must unplug.

So why unplug? It is important to unplug because life never meant for you to feel constantly depleted, not energized, sad or even angry. No, life is meant for you to feel joy, energized, good, balanced and with a sense of well-being. When something depletes your energy, your sense of well-being in any shape or form, this is not good for you. It is no longer serving you and what is the point of having something that no longer serves you?! It just keeps taking up space for new and better things to come to you.

I want to clarify that by no means am I encouraging you to view people as objects that you discard or anything of that sort. What I mean is when you notice that a relationship isn’t adding to your well-being by making you genuinely happy, by loving and caring for you for who you really are, by being there for you the way you need that person to be present for you, then you must question what is the purpose of that relationship.

The whole purpose of unplugging is so that you can then plug into an outlet that DOES work. You unplug so that you can give yourself room to go to things that DO energize you, make you feel good and that adds to your overall well-being. Life is too short for you to be wasting it on things that don’t contribute to your well-being. Life is too short for you to have a job that you don’t like, for you to be in a relationship that makes you unhappy, for you not to be cultivating who you really are. Life is about happiness, energy, courage, excitement and there are times that in order to have all this you must unplug.

Unplugging….doesn’t only apply to electrical devices, it also applies to you and your life as well. The next time you notice something isn’t making you feel good, assess the “outlet”, which by “outlet” I mean whatever it is that you are attached to that doesn’t seem to serve you, and if indeed after assessing it you notice it is no longer working, then unplug. Unplugging from things that doesn’t serve you will add tremendously to your overall well-being.

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The Secrets to Strength and Clarity

Strength and clarity- two key ingredients needed whenever one deals with very difficult times. Strength is needed because it is a must to be strong enough to not break apart but yet strong enough that at the same time you can still become a better person as a result of what you are going through rather than allowing your heart to harden as a result. You need clarity because it is during difficult times that one has to make very hard decisions and in order to make the right decisions, you need clarity.

With this said, what are the secrets to strength and clarity? The secrets are having a good mind, keeping your emotions in check, compartmentalizing and giving things space.

Having a good mind is extremely important. Without a good mind, you have the wrong perspective, you make bad decisions and everything in your life will reflect what is in your mind. This is because indeed everything starts in the mind. It is a must that you train your mind to be how you need it to be.

Keeping your emotions in check is a must because wherever your emotions go, your body will follow. When all you are feeling are negative emotions, you also make bad decisions and will have the wrong perspective, both not conducive to great well-being. When emotionally you are not right, you won’t want to choose the right foods to nourish your body. Eventually your physical body will suffer as well. We are emotional beings and as emotional beings, we make decisions based on our emotions. This is the very reason why you need to keep your emotions in check.

One thing to learn from men that I think should not be a man thing is compartmentalizing. Men have a fascinating way of separating things, events and emotions and this is a great survival tool. The reason for this is because by compartmentalizing, you don’t spill over other areas of your life the stress that one area of your life is causing you. Compartmentalizing basically is separating mentally and emotionally the different areas of your life. This is a challenge at first if you normally mesh every area of your life but it can be mastered.

It is important to give yourself space- space to feel your emotions, space to be there for yourself, space to tend to your needs, space away from the things that hurt you. The reason for this is to maintain your mental and emotional sanity. Space allows things to flow freely because when you allow things to flow freely, they have a way of getting better. For instance, when you give yourself space to grieve, you are letting that all out which will help you feel better. When instead you bottle your emotions in, it is only a matter of time for that to explode like a volcano. This is why space is very important.

Strength and clarity are two things that although are very important in difficult times it can be a challenge to have, trust me, I know. However, if you work on the ingredients needed to have both strength and clarity, you will surely have both.

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It Only Takes Small Steps

There are times in our life where we want massive changes. It’s normal, especially if we feel that life isn’t quite the way we want it to be or the way we know it is capable of being. We may be fooled into thinking that in order to make those massive changes, we need to take massive steps and this is not the way it works. In order to make massive changes in your life, believe it or not, it only takes small steps.

I remember that when I wanted to move to another state, I thought of it as a massive step and indeed it is a massive step but in order to make that massive step, I had to start small. So it all started with me looking online and checking out areas and apartments online. Small step but it lead to the massive change.

If you feel stuck in life, it’s easy to remain in that stuck state but you must make a small step first. Probably you need to clean out one area of your apartment in order to start feeling free. Probably you need to first start letting your partner know that you both need to talk since you feel “stuck” in that relationship. Probably you need to start by letting that particular person know how something that they are doing “makes” you feel. Probably you need to start a job search in order for you to change careers. Probably it is something as simple as changing your mindset, which sounds simple but for some it may be a big challenge.

No matter what it is that you want to do, it is a must to remember that it only takes small steps. A penny is just a penny but if you have ten pennies that makes 10 cents, 25 pennies make 25 cents and so every small step you take adds up. With this I want to encourage you to start taking small steps in life.

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You Need Cojones!

What I’m about to write will perhaps sound so silly but to me it isn’t because of the meaning that this has for me. I went last month to the Department of Driver Services in Atlanta to get my Georgia State ID without realizing that I had to give up both my NY State ID and my permit. I couldn’t even keep my NY State ID as a memorabilia. As I gave up my ID and permit, I had a mixture of emotions that ranged from shock to sadness to excitement all at once. As I was leaving the DDS with my paper state ID, I realized that to live that life that you want, no matter what it is, you need cojones.

Cojones in Spanish means “balls” so in essence, you need balls or courage to live that life that you want. There are many things that will feel intimidating and most likely that’s because what you’re doing is something new to you. Anything that is new will be intimidating. What you can not allow is your fear of something new stop you from doing what you want to do.

You need cojones to do what you want to do even when others don’t understand why you want to do what you want to do and even if they don’t agree with you. In the end, you are the one living your life, no one is living it for you so you need to do what makes sense to you, not others. The only person that you truly owe any explanation to is to yourself.

You need cojones to dare, to dare to be you, to dare to dream, to dare to leap. There are times that it may not be easy to be your true self but yet it is a must. Who else are you supposed to be if not yourself?! Besides, if you’re not your true self, you don’t attract those that are truly meant to be in your life. There are times that dreaming for some can be scary, especially when they are big dreams but yet we must still dare. You will never know what you are capable of having and being unless you dream and try.

Having cojones is so necessary for your well-being because the frustration of many is the very fact that they may not be living the life that they really want. Living authentically is so crucial to your mental and emotional sanity whether you realize it or not. We all reach a point in our life where we will wonder if we have reached our full potential and if we are all that we can be. So start building up those cojones!

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The Importance of Facing Your Fears

The past few weeks have been about me moving to another state, doing something that I have wanted to do for the longest time but that I must admit I was a bit afraid to do. It is because of this that I’m inspired to write about the importance of facing your fears.

We all have fears of some sort. Fear is such an innate feeling and there is a reason why we inherited fear and it got passed on from generation to generation. Fear was meant to prepare us for a situation that may put us at harm and so the body gets ready to deal with the situation. However, it seems like nowadays many of us have fears about things that are not putting us in danger. Having fear of the unknown is quite normal. Anything that isn’t familiar to us will normally make us feel uncomfortable. Despite this it is important to face your fears and I will explain why in this post.

Facing your fears will help you grow. When you fear something because it is unknown territory and because of this you run away from it, you’re actually shrinking as a person spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You don’t grow always doing what is familiar to you. You grow through change. Doing the things you want and need to do despite the fear will help you see your strengths and what you’re really made up of. How are you going to know what you’re really capable of doing if you don’t face your fears?!

Facing your fears helps expand you in every way. What do I mean with this? I mean that you start to see all the possibilities in your life. You allow yourself to know all that is out there and this will make you see life in a whole different light. Since it is our perspective that shapes us, your perspective of the world will change as a result of you facing your fears. This then will change the reality of your life.

Facing your fears helps build your courage muscles. When you face your fears, you start to realize that what you feared wasn’t so scary after all and you build the courage to do more things that may feel scary to you. Now that is powerful!

Facing your fears is important for your overall well-being. You simply can’t afford to live on fear and what you should fear the most is continuing to live a life that you are not happy with just because you fear taking that step. I would like to encourage you with this post to start facing any fear that you may have.

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Two Ingredients That Can’t Be Missing When It Comes to Your Well-being

Well-being is comprised of many different things that all add up to our balance and happiness in life. Just like in a cake there are certain ingredients that can NOT be missing because otherwise the cake won’t be a cake, there are two ingredients that can NOT be missing if you are to have true happiness and balance in life and they are courage and self-love.

You can not be without courage when it comes to well-being because great things in life requires courage. No matter what it is that you may want in life- have your own home, be married, have kids, move to another state, lose weight, have your own business- all this requires courage. It requires courage because fear may kick, because self-doubt will creep in, because your old habits will want to kick in and you will want to stay in your old ways. The problem with staying with your old ways is that your old ways won’t lead to happiness if you are unhappy where you are. This will just make you more unhappy, fueling the sense of being stuck and of frustration. Lack of courage leads you to live a life that you don’t want. It allows fear and self-doubt to dominate your life. It conditions your mind to thinking that what you want isn’t possible and this paralyzes you. When you are mentally paralyzed because of lack of courage, you prevent your own growth and growth is essential to your well-being.

Self-love is another ingredient that can not be missing because it is this kind of love that will determine everything in your life. It is self-love that will not allow someone to disrespect you or mistreat you because you know you deserve better. It is self-love that will help you attract loving people in your life because that is what you will be expecting from others. Self-love is what allows you to do loving things to yourself. Self-love is what allows you to place yourself in situations that are uplifting to you. Self-love is truly the basis for everything. When you don’t love yourself, you do the opposite of all that I just wrote. You allow mistreatment from others because you feel either that is all that you deserve or that is all you can get. Because of lack of self-love, you lower your standards just to be accepted and loved by others. Lack of self-love leads to you entering in relationships that compromise your well-being. So as you can read, self-love is an ingredient that can not be missing when it comes to your well-being.

If one is lacking in either courage or self-love or in both, the best thing to do is to exercise these muscles. You need to exercise your courage and self-love muscles one day at a time and be patient with yourself because just as the muscles in the body takes time to tone up and get in shape, so will your courage and self-love muscles will take time to build. If you need to take baby steps then start with something small but that still challenges you so that you can exercise that courage muscle. Start by doing something loving just for yourself so that you can start exercising that self-love muscle. Take it a day at a time and slowly but surely these two muscles will build and be strong. It is here that you start laying the foundation to your well-being.

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