Become an Asset

On today’s post, I would like to encourage you to do one thing that if you don’t get anything else from this blog, this is one thing that you must do that can dramatically change every area of your life and that is to become an asset.

That’s right! For so many of us it is easy to blame other things, people or situations for our shortcomings, our “failures” whether that be in relationships, money, etc. However, none of this helps. All this does is continue the cycle of misery, frustration and dissatisfaction. I find that the best way to overcome shortcomings, misery, frustration and attracting the wrong things over and over again is by becoming an asset.

Become an asset by working on every area of your life. This means that you work on becoming a better self in every way you can- mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So how can you start becoming an asset and in what areas am I referring to?

Become an asset to your family! Everything starts at home. Ensuring that you become the best mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, etc. will help create a very healthy home. This means that you work on being the best version of yourself because you understand that you are a role model for other family members. So make sure you are a good role model to yourself first so you can be a great role model to others.

Become an asset to your husband/wife or companion! You do this by making sure you are in harmony with yourself because you can only offer what you have. This means that you work on any issue you may have, so if you have any hurt or if you are broken, you work towards becoming whole. What constitutes healthy relationships are two whole people. If you realize that you need professional help in order to heal, then go seek that help. You are worth the investment.

Become an asset at work! Always do your best to acquire new skills so that you can have more to add to the work that you do. Do your best to always be grateful for the job that you have. Always strive to be a great coworker for your fellow work colleagues.

Become an asset for your friends! Do this by always striving to make yourself happy so you have more joy to offer to your friends. Always take care of yourself so that you can be that example to your friends. Always strive to be grateful for all you have as a person.

Become an asset to yourself! Yes, you read right. You have to be an asset to yourself. You do this by taking care of your whole body. This means taking care of your mindset, of your spirit and your physical body. This means stating positive affirmations to yourself, doing things that you love, being more loving towards yourself and always striving for happiness. This also means taking yourself away from situations that don’t serve you. This last thing I wrote is a form of love because you don’t allow yourself to be in situations that are harmful to you.

Becoming an asset is about making the effort and taking responsibility for your life. This is crucial to your overall well-being. It all starts with a decision so make a decision to choose yourself first and become an asset.

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Get Sick of Wishing

Today I would like to encourage you to get sick of wishing. Why? Because wishing will take you nowhere. The secret to life, apart from knowing what you want, is taking action towards what you want.

So get sick of wishing for better health. Know that great health is in your hands by making better choices, by choosing healthy foods, by making the effort to exercise, by choosing to educate yourself in regards to any medications you are taking, any illness you may have and educating yourself in regards to the body.

Get sick of wishing for a better relationship. Work everyday on the relationship that you have because you are part of the equation of making that relationship work. If the relationship just isn’t working anymore, know that you have two choices- you either put in the effort it takes to make the relationship better or you decide it’s best to part ways. Either way relationship is work and great things do require effort. Also work on cultivating that relationship. Relationships need to be nurtured in order to thrive.

Get sick of wishing you had a better job and either make the best of the job you have or change it. Complaining all the time about the job that you have doesn’t help. It just helps at the moment because you are releasing the tension that you are feeling but what are you doing to change the situation? That is what matters most, what you are doing right now to change the situation.

Get sick of wishing you had a better life. I personally don’t believe in the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. You either are or you’re not, you either do or you don’t, you either know or you don’t. That life that you want is in your hands. Let me repeat, that life that you want is in your hands. It’s not in someone else’s hands. It’s not in someone else’s power. You have the power to decide what you will do with your life.

Get sick of wishing for more because if you want more, you have to go get it. Many people want more, who doesn’t but it is not a matter of wanting more, it is a matter of doing more.

Yes, get sick of wishing. Your well-being depends on it because for as long as you are wishing, you might as well just keep on waiting. Life is not for those who wish, it is for those who do- so get sick of wishing.

If you love the blog, you will most certainly love my latest book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve where I discuss topics that highly impact your well-being that perhaps you may not be aware of. You can purchase your copy on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble

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Clarification of Ignorance and Which Is The Bad Kind

You probably think I sometimes write odd titles for my blog posts. Perhaps this is one of the most odd ones yet because one perhaps wouldn’t think that ignorance has much to do with our well-being but boy does it have so much to do with our well-being.

I want to start by clarifying what ignorance means. Many associate the word “ignorance” with something negative and this doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge of something or the not being aware of something. With this said, to a certain extent we all are ignorant because we all don’t know it all. There is so much out there in the world, so much to learn, so many theories that we can’t possible know it all and that’s ok. What is not ok, in my book at least, is the kind by choice.

Because we all don’t know everything, we are all ignorant to a certain extent. I just want to clarify that and emphasize that being ignorant of something is not something negative. It just is what it is. When you learn that you are ignorant of something, be grateful of this awareness and open to learning about it. It is because of this that it is important to always have a student mindset because as you have this kind of mindset, you will always ensure your growth in every way.

The bad kind of ignorance and the one that you should never strive to have is the ignorance by choice. What does this mean? This means that you know that you are unaware of a particular issue or topic and decide not to learn more about it. The reason way this is the bad kind of ignorance is because what you don’t know can hurt you and kill you. It kills your possibility of enjoying good health, a good life and of being your best self. How so? Let me just bring up an example to illustrate what I mean. If you know you have a medical condition but decide to make the choice not learn and understand that condition you have as well as ways to help your body, you are actually killing your possibilities of living a great life despite your medical condition. Ignorance by choice hurts you as well. It hurts your chances of making the right choices, it hurts your power, it hurts everything.

Ignorance…it’s one of those topics in which one may not agree with me that it’s good to know as much as you can because sometimes the more you know, the more disgusted you can get at certain things because of the level of understanding you may have. I think that the more you know, the better choices you can make in every regards and that in my book is a great thing. Make it your goal to take advantage of the resources that you may have to know as much as you can for the betterment of your life.

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What Determines the Choices That We Make?

Last week I wrote about how it all comes down to our choices but what is it that determines the choices that we make? Well, that’s what I would like to write about in today’s post.

There are many factors that influence the choices that we make. Two big ones are our feelings and our mind frame at the time that we make our choices. We are emotional beings and as emotional beings, we are highly influenced by how we feel and that plays a big role in the decisions that we make. When you feel down, needy, or you are coming from a place of emptiness, of course you won’t make the right choices. When you are tired or stressed, you are most likely to choose foods that are sugary or the bad carbs. When you feel lonely and needy or don’t feel so good about yourself, you are most likely to choose people that are no good for you. Likewise, when you feel good and relaxed, you are most likely to choose healthy foods. When you feel good about yourself and feel a sense of fullness, you are most likely to choose people that are good for you. This is the power of emotions.

Your mind frame also plays a huge role in the choices that you make. The wrong mindset can attract even your worst nightmare. It will feel as if you are a magnet for bad things and in essence, when your mindset is wrong for you, indeed you do attract the wrong things. It’s not that you necessarily attract it, but it is as if you can not filter what is bad for you. When your mindset is not right, of course your emotions won’t be right. Everything is connected, therefore, where your thoughts are, your emotions will follow as well. The wrong mindset can lead you to thinking that what you would like is not possible, leading you to make the wrong choices. However, when your mindset is right, you will find yourself looking at the possibilities of things no matter how hard something may seem.

When making a decision, it is important to understand your reason behind that decision and the consequences of that decision. Everything has consequences whether they are good or bad. Consequences are nothing more than the results that we get from every action we take.

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Don’t Bottle In Your Emotions Nor What You Are Thinking When Feeling Low

Feeling and showing vulnerability is something that perhaps many don’t feel comfortable with and perhaps many may feel like this is a weakness. Well, I think if one thinks this is a weakness, then it is implying that being human is being weak because as human beings we all have and will have moments of vulnerability. It is only natural. When feeling vulnerable, it is very important not to bottle in your emotions nor what you are thinking when feeling on the low side.

Bottling your emotions, rather than showing strength, can weaken you. How so? I don’t know about you but it feels like too much effort to keep all to myself what I am feeling when feeling low. As human beings, it is only natural to have your ups and downs. Even though I think part of living life to the fullest is choosing happiness, (because happiness is a choice), I think part of that happiness and well-being is embracing all emotions, even the not so good ones. I have said it before and I will say it again, emotions can be an indicator of what is going on inside you. It is a way to measure how your soul feels. Sharing with someone that you know you can trust and who is not judgmental of what you feel can be so liberating and healthy. Make sure, though, that it is someone that you know you can trust because I am one to believe that if you tell the wrong person, you can actually feel worse and that’s no good. So make sure it is someone who will truly understand you and be uplifting.

I think that bottling your emotions and any negative thoughts is like a volcano with lava bubbling up waiting to erupt. You are what you think and feel and there is only so much that you can bottle up when feeling sad or angry. It is important to release, in a healthy way, what you are feeling and share your thoughts with someone you know loves you and cares about you. Someone that truly loves you, when knowing you have some negative thoughts in your mind, would knock some sense into you.

I believe showing vulnerability is a sign of strength because it takes courage to expose yourself. With this said, there is no shame in feeling a bit in the low side, just don’t remain there for your well-being. Share with someone you love what is going on. If you need professional help, then get the help you need, and try to understand what it is that is causing you to feel this way. For your well-being it is crucial that you don’t keep your emotions bottled in if you feel they are eating you up inside. It is important for every other area of your life that you have a mental and emotional balance in life and you do this by keeping these areas of your life in check.