I’m a believer that we have a right and that indeed we can live to the max and this is something we can do everyday, not just for a season. I love to eat healthy, exercise, learn how we can create more balance in our life and how we can have a more fulfilling life.

My name is Aura Elena Martinez and I have a BA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice since I either wanted to be a criminal lawyer or a psychologist but life seemed to have other plans for me and so I ended up being a Flight Attendant. I’m so grateful this was the plan life had for me because ever since I have learned so much about myself, inspiring me to see more than I imagined to see. I not only see the world, I learned to see myself in a different light.

After gaining about 20 pounds in training, I was determined to lose the weight and in the process, I gained so much insight and got my calling. Eating right not only affected my weight, it affected my energy levels, my mood and I felt I was becoming more of the person I was meant to be. All these changes within me made me so curious about nutrition that I decided to learn about the role nutrition plays in our body, how food affects us, etc. I am now Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners but I plan to continue learning more about nutrition since there is so much to learn. Despite the fact that I recognize the role that both nutrition and exercise play on our wellbeing, there is just so much more to wellness than just nutrition and exercise and having the psychology background that I have, I strongly believe our mind plays a big role on our wellbeing.

Well-being is so much more than just nutrition and exercise, it is about creating a balance in all areas of our life. Well-being includes our emotional, mental, spiritual, financial/occupational and social aspects of our life. On this blog, all these aspects will be discussed.

Striving to achieve true wellness is one of my passions. This is why I’m founding my business Live to the Max ™, where I will be coaching people on wellness and life. If you wish to receive weekly food for thought/inspirations, you can follow me on Twitter @AuraEMartinez and you can follow my blog.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing and let’s all strive to Live to the Max™!

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  1. Its good to read of your checkered career path from Forensic Psychology to flight cabin crew and then to discover your passion in the Holistic Health related field. I agree with you that “Well-being is so much more than just nutrition and exercise, it is about creating a balance in all areas of our life” especially the emotional and mental.

    In our schools and colleges we fed vast inputs in various engineering, medicine and arts fields but no one ever teaches us how to manage our mind. And that is why the subject of Emotional Intelligence (EI) assumes great significance in our adult life both personal and corporate. Stress levels too are increasing more and more. EI is my favorite subject and I learn a lot on this as a volunteer counselor to my students and professionals. 🙂

    Aura I look forward to some interesting insights from your writings and thoughts in your blog. Cheers and best regards.

    • Thank you Dilip for your comment! I so agree with you that EI has a great significance in our adult life in every sense. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I bet you learn so much volunteering as a counselor and I bet that must be so rewarding for you in terms of all that you learn and the growth.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your words!


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