Big Change to This Site

Hello everyone! I wanted to stop by to let you know that I never forgot any of you and I didn’t want you thinking that I abandoned any of you since I know so many of you have expressed gratitude for the messages I shared every week.

I want you to know that there have been several changes that have occurred and my site has already gone through a makeover. So for all of you who have been following me here who loved the blog and would like to continue reading these messages, I would like to invite you to head on over to and subscribe to the newsletters I send out every week which are full of so many nuggets.

This Sunday, I will be sending out a FREE workbook based on a talk I gave last month of my Facebook page called Be Your Own Happy Place: How to Find Inner Happiness During Times Like These. I know you will LOVE that workbook so go ahead and either go to this link so you can receive this FREE workbook and all the nuggets I share every week or go to and sign up.

You will love the new site and all that I offer there. I look forward to continuing to share the message of great well-being with all of you!

Much love!