“How Can I Get Rid of The Feeling of Being Stuck?”

I think most people feel stuck in life every once in a while because sometimes the circumstances in life may get in the way. However, if you constantly feel stuck, then something is going on. Feeling stuck on a constant basis can make you feel hopeless, depressed and a sense of not having any control over your life. These feelings are the very feelings that will keep attracting to you more situations and people who will either make you stuck or keep you in a stuck place.

One of the ways to get rid of being in a stuck place is by having clarity of what you want and need. It is the knowing what you want and need that will help you understand what are the steps that you need to take in order to move forward. Without any clarity of what you want and need, there is no way you will take the steps necessary to get to where you want to be. Without any clarity, you won’t make the right decisions. Without any clarity, it’s easy to make any decision out of either desperation or emotion instead of because you have a goal in mind. This clarity is also part of you living with intention because when you live with intention, you live fully knowing what it is that you want out of life.

You need to BELIEVE that you have the power to make the necessary changes in your life. Without this belief, you allow outside circumstances to dictate the direction of your life. Without this belief, you will be controlled by your thoughts and emotions. Without this belief, you will continuously make decisions that push you away from the person that you want to be.  Many times we tend to forget how what we believe affects what we attract, the decisions that we make and the situations that we allow ourselves to get into.

Once you have clarity of what you want and need and believe that you have the power to make the necessary changes in your life, you can then find ways to change your life for the better. There is something beautiful that happens inside you when you start believing that you can make the changes that you need in your life and that’s opportunities, the right opportunities start to pop into your life in a way that you never expected. But in order for this to happen you have to be open to it.

These steps are key to you getting out of a place of feeling that you are stuck. I think this is one of the many causes that hinders one to the life they want and to having that balance in their life that we all need. Feeling stuck doesn’t have to be your life nor were you meant to feel this way. It is in your power to break the cycle of feeling that you are stuck.

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