You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Signs

I’ve come to the realization that many times, we are the ones who unintentionally bring upon ourselves huge disappointments that cost us our peace, well-being and can sometimes, if we allow it, hinder us from moving forward. However, rest assure that at ALL and I mean at all times the universe provides signs to you as to whether or not something is for you and people do reveal to you who they truly are if you are open to it. Because our peace and well-being have no price, today I would like to emphasize to you that you can’t afford to ignore the signs.

You can’t afford to ignore the signs because your energy is the most precious thing you have. Your energy, and when I write this I mean your overall energy not just your physical energy, is one of your currencies. When your energy is not right, you can’t be your full self. When your energy is not right, you can’t attract the things and people you want. When your energy is not right, this will affect everything else in your life. If something or someone robs even a little bit of your energy, please take it as a sign that you must either walk or run to the other direction. The things and people that belong in your life bring peace and joy; they don’t rob you of your energy in any way.

You can’t afford to ignore the signs when someone is not compatible with you whether that is in love or any other relationship. But in order for you to recognize when this is the case, it is important to have a strong sense of who you are first. This is because unless you have a deep connection with yourself first in order to understand yourself, you won’t fully understand your needs and wants. You will lack the discernment to know when something is not right for you for whatever reason. Ignoring this kind of sign can lead to unnecessary hurt and disappointment that may take time to heal.

You can’t afford to ignore the signs even when something is right for you. It’s easy to be confused in the middle of hurt, disappointment, hearing other people’s voices, etc. If you really want to know if something is right for you, you have to be right and connected with yourself first. It all starts with and stems from you. Losing people or things that can be right for you can be regretful in the long run and quite frankly, a little too late. Make it a point to strive to be healthy and happy by choosing things and people who add to your happiness. People will show you who they truly are and it’s just a matter of opening your ears and eyes and taking in what is being presented to you.

You can’t afford to ignore the signs when a door is supposed to close shut. I know for personal experience this can be a challenge. Years later I end up realizing why that door needed to close and I ended up regretting even trying to open that door. When a door closes shut on you, (with this I’m referring to things not working out, or a job loss, or the end of a relationship, etc.), just believe and have faith that it was meant to close. Trust me that I know how hard this is, I know all too well but it’s important to know that you did nothing wrong for that to happen and that certain things are just not meant to be in your life for your own good.

If there is one thing that I would like for you to take away from this is that in order for you to have the capacity of not ignoring the signs that you are receiving, you first need to be deeply connected with yourself. It is from that deep connection that you will have the discernment that you need so that you don’t ignore the signs again.

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Usted es la moda!

Me impresiona ver cual es la moda cuando se trata de la imagen. Parece ser que nos enseñan aceptar cosas que no son parte de quien uno es. Me impresionó aprender que las pecas ahora están de moda, tanto así que hay personas dispuestas a pintarse pecas en su cuerpo. Tengo pecas en mi cara, no muchas, pero tengo algunas que son notables y recuerdo que cuando niña, no estaba contenta con mis pecas.

En la entrada de blog de hoy, quisiera animarlo para su bienestar el aceptar el hecho de que usted es la moda. La manera que usted fue creado es exactamente la manera que está supuesto a ser y nadie, ni algiuen con mucha influencia, tiene el derecho de determinar qué es sexy y qué no es sexy. Recuerde que USTED es sexy de la manera que usted es. No es el tener un pompis grande, uno pequeño, uno tonificado, el cabello lacio, el cabello rizado, el cabello largo, el cabello corto, ni la persona con pecas, nada de esto está de moda. Como sea que usted es, de la manera que usted es, USTED ES LA MODA.

¿Por qué repetir esto? Porque es importante el aceptarse uno mismo. El aceptarse uno mismo es una clave a un gran bienestar. Es importante el sentirse bien de la manera que usted es. Es importante ver qué tan sexy usted es no importa cómo usted se ve. Es importante saber su valor como persona. Es importante saber que usted es hermoso/a de la manera que es.

Es también importante ignorar los mensajes de afuera cuando se trata de la manera que usted se ve. La sociedad puede decir que porque su cabello se ve de tal manera, porque su cuerpo se ve de tal manera, usted no es aceptable ni suficiente. Usted quizás está en un ambiente en donde las personas no se ven ni se comportan como usted es, por lo tanto usted siente que no pertenece o que es una persona rara. Todo esto puede crear daños en su autoestima y autoconcepto que pueden afectar su bienestar. Sepa que usted es cómo usted es, usted tiene los gustos que tiene, usted se ve de la manera que se ve por motivos y propósitos hermosos. Usted es maravilloso de la manera que es. Usted es hermoso/a de la manera que es. Usted no necesita ser de una cierta estatura, de un cierto peso, de un cierto nada para ser fabuloso. ¡Usted es SUFICIENTE de la manera que es!

Por favor recuerde que USTED ES LA MODA. USTED ESTÁ DE MODA y SIEMPRE estará de moda. Es importante recordar su valor y de no escuchar las voces de afuera ni la opinión de los demás cuando se trata de qué está bien y qué no. Su bienestar depende de esto.

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