How Hungry Are You?

Hunger….is something that we try to suppress because let’s face it, hunger is uncomfortable. No, I’m not referring to physical hunger. I’m referring to the hunger that you have to improve your life and well-being.

I constantly hear people saying that they want a better life but yet if you ask them “what are you doing to have the life you want?”, they say nothing. I have said over and over again, it’s not enough to just want, you have to be HUNGRY. So I would like to ask you now, how hungry are you?

How hungry are you to lose weight? If you are not doing anything to change your diet and lifestyle, then you are not truly wanting to lose weight. How hungry are you to change your financial situation? If you’re not doing anything viable to start changing your financial situation, then you truly don’t want to change it. How hungry are you to make your dreams come true? If you are not taking the first step to get to where you want to go, then you truly don’t want that dream to come true.

It is a must to face your fears. Fear is a part of life but it doesn’t have to stop you! Things will be challenging but it’s all part of the bigger picture. Also I want to encourage you not to compare your first step with other people’s first step. The reason for this is because everyone is in a different journey in life. Everyone’s path will be different no matter how similar it may be.

I learned to embrace hunger. Hunger creates pain so I encourage you to feel that pain. Feel it until the continue feeling of that pain is greater than the fear you may feel. That is what will help you do what you must do in order to have the life that you want.

Once again, and I mean it with all my heart, wanting is not enough in life no matter what you may want. You need to have hunger. Hunger is a must because hunger pushes you to do what you must do in order to satisfy that hunger. So don’t suppress the hunger. Feel it until it seriously hurts then do something to change the situation.

So if you want the things you want but are not doing anything serious about it, ask yourself how hungry are you. The lack of action is an indicator that the hunger is not there. It takes being hungry to take the action necessary to have the life and well-being that you want. Embrace that hunger until it hurts and then go do something about that hunger!

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2 thoughts on “How Hungry Are You?

  1. Your words always bring about long moments of introspection. I can remember long ago when I was wanting change in my life, but continue to seek change the same way…not really being truthful to myself that when doing the same thing daily, the results would be the same always. An example, wanting to find someone to love, but always looking at the outside of a person, (the flesh, the beauty) and thinking I would be totally happy with someone that way. When the results would always be the same, being an imperfect human, i would always choose in an imperfect way. After continual heartaches, one day i thought I would try something new. I thought about God, and with Him being perfect, I would trust in his judgement and ask him to find someone for me…and I would wait diligently for his choice, as I remember he sees the heart of an individual and their spirit. In life we daily fill ourselves with worldly things cannot bring lasting happiness for they will surely waste away. Outside looks and beauty change with age, as the flesh changes. But a beautiful spirit and soul, will grow more beautiful with each day for the spirit gets stronger and bring about a daily blossoming within. Changing even the way we look at things. Most of us are spiritually bankrupt, as we daily seek the things which fade first, not choosing the spiritual things which are the true treasures, and when we seek them first, blessings come our way as we change and treat others in a different way, and as we share our new found spiritual treasure within us, yes that inner radiance we are rewarded with many open doors and blessings that are life changing. I am so happy to embrace your words again. As you say what are we hungry for in our lives, i turned away from selfish things and became selfless, helping, serving others with my gift from God, and all the doors opened to many wonderful and beautiful treasures…if that makes any sense. Your spirit is one of those treasures Aura, that heals ones soul, that is why I always think of you as a spiritual twin… you are always a blessing, and that is a treasure that never dissipates as you serve and share your radiance within,to many! Love you my dear sister, God bless!

    • Wendell, I want to first and foremost thank you for your words and for taking the time to write here! I truly appreciate it and my apologies for responding now since I am working on several projects all at once basically.

      I truly believe that worldly advice has made people more confused. We are meant to live fully and have faith that the life and all the things that we are seeking are already ours. I agree with you that it is important to use the gifts that was given to us to bless others. That is where true happiness comes from- from our relationship with others but genuine relationships with others.

      Your words fill me heart with joy and humbles me. I feel as though you are a sign from God that I’m meant to keep blogging and sharing all this. I thank you so much for that Wendell! May God bless you always and thank you for your words and for the blessings you give others as well!

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