How To Get Energy When You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

There are times in your life when you feel physically exhausted but not because you have worked too hard or because you haven’t slept well, but because perhaps you are going through some either inner conflict or you are going through a rough time in your life that is robbing your energy emotionally. I think this kind of exhaustion is one of the worst kinds because if you are not careful, you can slip down and maybe even fall into depression. When feeling this way, how can you find the energy to keep going?

First thing I believe is to acknowledge what you are feeling. I believe that denying what you are feeling is not helpful nor conducive to truly moving forward. By denying what you are feeling it’s like trying to make believe that the wound that you have isn’t even there yet it is bleeding and needs your attention.

Try to understand where this feeling is coming from. Ask yourself what can you learn from what you are feeling. I believe there is always something to learn from everything whether it is good or bad. Every experience is a chance to become a better person and understanding where your hurt is coming from can provide important insight to you that can open up the opportunity for healing. The way to heal something is by understanding what is causing the pain/hurt.

Take things day by day, minute by minute. Just try to take one step at a time, put one foot in front of the other.

As hard as it may be to find the positive in even the most negative moments of life, it is a must to find the positive in everything. What focusing on the negative does is that it magnifies the bad things which then affects your emotions which will then affect your energy levels. Think about this, anything you dread to do, anything you don’t feel excited about doing will deplete your energy. By focusing on the positive, you are shifting your mindset which will then shift your energy- energy that you need to keep going even when the going gets tough.

It would be wonderful if there was an easy answer, a magic pill that would give us all the emotional energy we need when the going gets tough. The truth is that there is no such thing but there is one person who has the capacity to give you that emotional energy you need and that is YOU. With your acceptance of your feelings, with your own compassion towards yourself, with you doing your best to heal your wounds and see the positive in everything, you have the power to get the emotional energy that you need. I’ve said and written over and over again, well-being is something to work on everyday. It is something that you cultivate, nurture and create. It is YOU who have this power.

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Energy When You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

  1. Negativity is indeed draining. Being around negative people is draining as well because you have to work so much harder, like gasping for air when the tide tries to pull you under.

  2. Aura, God allows us in our lives to be many things, but never to be perfect. Allowing us to grow with the support of others who have the gifts and skill to lift and heal our hearts, souls, minds and spirits. I love you, my sister, as you are one of beautiful character, one of selfless love, one who is a giver who asks nothing in return. What you described recently I was stagnated within, and yet one recognized it and brought it to my attention. Like you because of God and his love, I am a giver and one does not have to repay! Because just helping another is treasure enough. Thanks for being a radiant gem in my life dear sister. Continue emulating the best qualities found in our Lord!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! We were not created to be perfect but to uplift others and support each other. You are a beautiful human being yourself and I thank you so much for your words! Thank you so much for all you share with all of us! You too are a gem not just to some of us but to all of us! May God bless you always!

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