The Power of Authenticity

I think we live in a world where we are too concerned with pleasing others, with what others are going to think and with not being rude to others all at the cost of our well-being. Now, I want to clarify that I am not advocating total selfishness nor disregard towards others. Not at all and there is a fine line which we must pay attention. I can discuss that fine line on another post. What I am referring to in this post is the kind of concern where other people’s thoughts and feelings of you are more important than what you truly feel. There is no power in this kind of concern and this is why I am advocating authenticity.

There is power in authenticity. Let me start by describing what authenticity means. Being authentic means being true, it is not false nor is it imitating. So with this said, for the purpose of this post, it means being true to who you are regardless of what others may think or feel. It means you are not trying to be like others just to please others. It means you are not doing something that goes against what you truly feel and think even if others may not understand it and may be offended by it. I will explain what I mean with the latter “…even if others…may be offended by it”. What I mean with that is that there will be times where you will have to say “no” to others, set boundaries because what that person is doing you are not appreciate of, etc. You should never do something that goes against what you feel and think just because you might offend someone. Your well-being, your happiness, your peace of mind and you feeling good with the decisions that you make should ALWAYS go before you worrying about what others may think or feel when you notice that it crosses the line of your well-being.

I have to warn you that authenticity comes with a price. Sometimes a high price but I believe it’s a price worth paying because there is nothing like being authentic. The price is that you will have those who will misunderstand you, those who will criticize you, those who won’t want your friendship perhaps because of who you are, those who will talk wrongly about you behind your back because of your way of being. However, I think it is worse to go to bed feeling so disappointed with yourself for going against your true nature, for trying to fit into something that is so different from you and for trying to fit in or please others. At the end of the day, the reality is that you go to sleep to yourself, you wake up to yourself and when it’s your time to go, you will be in that coffin by yourself so who cares what others think?! You are the only one living your life, no one else is doing it for you! I know this sounds so blunt and crude but let’s be real. It is what YOU think and feel about yourself that matters most.

The power of authenticity is that you start to attract more of the people that you need in your life, people who are similar to you and who adds to your well-being. You will feel good with yourself knowing that you are doing things that makes YOU happy, not anyone else. You push away people and circumstances that in the long run don’t belong in your life. Your life will start to align itself in ways you never thought possible and this is all thanks to the power of authenticity.

Authenticity….so critical to your overall well-being because it is awful to do things that go against what we feel and think, your self-esteem gets chipped away every time you try to fit into something that you’re not and there is no way that your life can be the way you want and need it to be when you’re not authentic. Make it your goal to always be authentic to you no matter what.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Authenticity

  1. Well written, with a selfless, yet true message! You are authentic Aura, and yet more than that you are simply genuine…and those who are genuine in a selfless way are those who help shape the hearts, minds, and spirits of many. Filling their lives with pure food for thought in seeds which help them to blossom and grow. A genuine friend you are; and you remind me of this poem, keep being the one you are, you are a gift my sister!

    “A Genuine Friend”

    There is a love which lives deep within
    A genuine one which will never go away
    No matter how one might try to release it
    In our hearts and minds we find it stays

    Whenever another touches our inner being
    While bringing their pleasant peace inside
    We find ourselves to become comfortable
    As we begin to embrace them in our lives

    They may become genuine friends who care
    They might become sisters and brothers too
    They brighten our lives each time they speak
    Changing grey skies to ones of crystal blue

    The hearts of these special ones we care for
    Are so genuine and selfless in every way
    They are in our lives for special reasons
    Even making sunny our cloudy and rainy days

    Whether you are a dear sister or brother
    Or the truest friend one in life may find
    You are a treasure to those who love you
    Because of the selfless heart, they find.

    (To all those who become genuine friends to us!

    • You are too kind with your words! I just write what I feel inspired to write. The purpose of this blog is to help others. I just love your poems and words! Thank you so much for sharing this poem with me. And indeed the best way to be in life is authentic, I think there is no other way. And I thank you for your authenticity! May God bless you always! Thank you so much for your words and your compliment!

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