It’s Important to Grow Some Balls

In today’s post, I’m changing the meaning of growing balls. When reading “growing balls” one may think of courage but this is not what I’m referring to. “Growing balls” means to toughen up, to be an adult and to be mature.

I will start off this post by sharing that about a week ago, I just had to confront someone, and I have to admit it was not pretty, that just pissed off both someone else and I. This person who I will call Jane, had an attitude with us and just seemed off. At one point, I had enough of her that I had to call her off and I asked her in a tone that was not very nice “What is wrong with you?!”. Jane proceeded to continue to get on our nerves and then broke down with someone else and expressed how she was very sad because her boyfriend broke up with her. That person that she confided with came up to me and said how she is crying and is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her and I expressed how I didn’t give a damn what is going on with her. I stated how she needs to grow some freaking balls because it is no one’s fault that her boyfriend broke up with her. Now you can see where this title comes from.

The reason why I honestly didn’t care and had to express that she needs to grow some balls is because it is important to remember that EVERYONE, not just you, has a story, a baggage, a load that they are carrying. It is NOT other people’s fault what happens in your life and it is certainly not fair to take out on others the hurt that you feel. Little did Jane knew that on that same day it was a month since my dad’s passing and that the other person who she pissed off his father is very ill. Jane had no right having an attitude with us because if that’s the case, then I too have a “right” to have an attitude with others because my dad passed away. The other person too had a “right” to have an attitude with others because his dad is very ill. I hope you can understand why it is wrong to take out on others your frustration and sadness.

Doing so makes people become distant from you. I’m pretty sure it is not your intention to push people away but you do so if you take your frustration and sadness out on others. It makes others resentful of you and besides, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be thought of as someone who is not nice to be around.

So what is the solution when you feel so much sadness, frustration or even anger? It is not the easiest solution but it is a must and it is to grow some balls. You need to toughen up in life because life is composed of many aspects that unfortunately includes things that we may not like. Break ups are hard but everyone has gone through some heart break. Death is a part of life because it is the cycle of life. Illness is not easy but it is a must to be able to handle it in the best way possible. It is ok to feel sad, angry and frustrated- you are only human. But it is NOT ok to take out your frustration, anger or sadness on others.

Part of being an adult is being mature. It is a must to not act out or lash out on others. It is a must to take things as being a part of life. It is a must to try to look at the positive of things. It is a must to compartmentalize so that you don’t spill onto other areas of your life your frustration.

If the last two paragraphs don’t motivate you to grow some balls, at least remember that everyone has a baggage that they are carrying as well. Some people are better at hiding their heavy luggage than others and this may be the reason that you may not see the load that they are carrying. It is important to be empathetic because you never know other people’s story. I think if most of us could remember this, this could greatly add to our well-being.

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Si usted es una sanguijuela, necesita mucho de usted mismo

Qué título más estraño. Quizás no es un título que usted espera leer cuando se trata de su bienestar pero esta situación del cual voy a escribir puede ser una situación que usted esté pasando porque quizás usted es la sanguijuela o conoce alguien que es como una sanguijuela o conoce alguien que está pasando por esto.

Primero quisiera comenzar por explicar lo que es una sanguijuela si usted todavía no sabe lo que es. Una sanguijuela es un gusano segmentado que chupa sangre. Como usted quizás puede darse cuenta por la descripción, una persona que es una sanguijuela es alguien que básicamente le chupa la vida ya que la sangre se puede considerar la vida del cuerpo. Usualmente para considerar una persona una sanguijuela, esta persona es alguien que le roba la energía a los demás, puede ser que necesite tanta atención, afecto o amor de los demás. Esta persona no necesariamente quiere ser como una “sanguijuela” y chuparle la vida a los demás pero lo hace sin saberlo.

¿Cómo usted puede saber cuando usted está siendo como una sanguijuela? Usted va saber si es sincero consigo mismo y sabe que necesita la aprovación de los demás para sentirse amado. Usted constantemente está buscando a la persona casí de manera sofocante. Usted también sabrá porque o los demás le dicen que usted le está robando su energía o ellos quieren estar lejos de usted. Por favor entienda que no es la responsabilidad de nadia de darle el amor que usted necesita. Esa es SU responsabilidad. Usted es el responsable de crear una vida para usted, de amarse, de cuidar de usted mismo y de hacerse feliz. El darle esta responsabilidad a los demás no es justo para los demás ni para usted mismo y es un peso para los demás.

¿Qué es lo que el ser una sanguijuela le puede mostrar? Esto le ayudará a dar luz de cómo usted se está descuidando. El descuidarse puede llevar al querer apegarse a los demás y el buscar de los demás lo que no se está dando a si mismo. Si usted nota esto en si mismo, pare por un momento y dése a si mismo tiempo solo. Un poco de tiempo solo puede ser bueno ya que es durante estos momentos que usted puede llegar a conocerse mejor. Trate de ver lo que su alma le está tratando de comunicar. Usted se sorprenderá de saber las áreas de su vida y de usted mismo que ha estado ignorando.

Si usted ha sido una sanguijuela y ha sido fastidioso, sepa que muchos han estado en sus zapatos y que usted puede cambiar esto. Usted cambia esto cuidando de si mismo. No hay ningun otro amor como el que usted puede tener por si mismo.

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