The Secrets to Strength and Clarity

Strength and clarity- two key ingredients needed whenever one deals with very difficult times. Strength is needed because it is a must to be strong enough to not break apart but yet strong enough that at the same time you can still become a better person as a result of what you are going through rather than allowing your heart to harden as a result. You need clarity because it is during difficult times that one has to make very hard decisions and in order to make the right decisions, you need clarity.

With this said, what are the secrets to strength and clarity? The secrets are having a good mind, keeping your emotions in check, compartmentalizing and giving things space.

Having a good mind is extremely important. Without a good mind, you have the wrong perspective, you make bad decisions and everything in your life will reflect what is in your mind. This is because indeed everything starts in the mind. It is a must that you train your mind to be how you need it to be.

Keeping your emotions in check is a must because wherever your emotions go, your body will follow. When all you are feeling are negative emotions, you also make bad decisions and will have the wrong perspective, both not conducive to great well-being. When emotionally you are not right, you won’t want to choose the right foods to nourish your body. Eventually your physical body will suffer as well. We are emotional beings and as emotional beings, we make decisions based on our emotions. This is the very reason why you need to keep your emotions in check.

One thing to learn from men that I think should not be a man thing is compartmentalizing. Men have a fascinating way of separating things, events and emotions and this is a great survival tool. The reason for this is because by compartmentalizing, you don’t spill over other areas of your life the stress that one area of your life is causing you. Compartmentalizing basically is separating mentally and emotionally the different areas of your life. This is a challenge at first if you normally mesh every area of your life but it can be mastered.

It is important to give yourself space- space to feel your emotions, space to be there for yourself, space to tend to your needs, space away from the things that hurt you. The reason for this is to maintain your mental and emotional sanity. Space allows things to flow freely because when you allow things to flow freely, they have a way of getting better. For instance, when you give yourself space to grieve, you are letting that all out which will help you feel better. When instead you bottle your emotions in, it is only a matter of time for that to explode like a volcano. This is why space is very important.

Strength and clarity are two things that although are very important in difficult times it can be a challenge to have, trust me, I know. However, if you work on the ingredients needed to have both strength and clarity, you will surely have both.

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Es poco a poco, día a día

Lo que me inspira a escribir esto es el hecho de que mi familia y yo estamos de duelo por la partida de mi papá quien murió el 20 de mayo. Sabemos que va a tomar tiempo para aceptar este hecho, para encontrar la conformidad en cómo las cosas sucedieron y para aceptar que él ya no está con nosotros físicamente. Lo único que uno puede hacer en circunstancias como esta es el recordar que es poco a poco, día a día.

Es poco a poco, día a día que usted comienza aceptar el hecho de que lo que está pasando en su vida está pasando. Esto es porque toma tiempo el procesar las cosas. Toma tiempo el curar las heridas. Toma tiempo el entender las cosas. Toma tiempo el procesar sus propias emociones.

Es poco a poco, día a día que usted unirá las piezas del rompecabeza. Cuando usted está de duelo, claro que físicamente va a reflejar lo que siente y toma un poco a la vez y día a día para volver a la persona que era antes. Toma tiempo el poder ver las cosas con la misma belleza que una vez usted veía. Toma tiempo el entender que no hay nada de malo con el sentir lo que usted siente en el momento que lo siente.

Es poco a poco, día a día que usted comienza a darse cuenta de que el final de algo es sólo el comienzo de algo nuevo. El final nunca es el final y aún cuando un capítulo termina, la vida sigue y usted también tiene que seguir.

Es poco a poco, día a día porque nada se hace todo en una vez. Usted no crece de la noche a la mañana, usted no se sana de un momento a otro, usted no sale de un duelo tan rápido. No hay nada de malo con estar de duelo porque al estarlo, usted está procesando lo que pasa, usted saca de adentro todo lo que siente, usted poco a poco está uniendo sus propias piezas de una manera que sólo usted puede hacer por si mismo.

Hay diferentes tipos de duelo y aunque esté de duelo por mi papá, una persona puede estar de duelo por su matrimonio o cualquier cosa que fue muy importante para esa persona. Un duelo es un duelo y no importa el por qué está de duelo, todo es poco a poco, día a día.