It’s Little By Little, Day By Day

What inspires me to write this is the fact that my family and I are grieving the passing of my father who passed away this past Friday, May 20th. We know it will take time to accept this fact, to find the conformity in how things happened and to accept that he is no longer with us physically. All that anyone can do in circumstances like this is to remind oneself that it’s little by little, day by day.

It’s little by little, day by day that you will start to accept the fact that whatever that is going on in your life is actually going on in your life. This is because it takes time to process things. It takes time to heal wounds. It takes time to understand things. It takes time to process one’s emotions.

It’s little by little, day by day that you will put the pieces together. When one grieves, of course physically you reflect what you feel and it takes a little at a time and day by day to get back to your old self again. It takes time to be able to find things with the same beauty as you once did. It takes time to understand that it is ok to feel what you feel at the moment that you feel it.

It’s little by little, day by day that you start to realize that the ending of something is just the beginning of something new. The end is never the end and even when a chapter ends, life must go on and so you must go on.

It’s little by little, day by day because nothing is done all at once. You don’t just grow from night to day, you don’t just heal one moment to the next, you don’t get over a grief so quick. It’s ok to grieve because in the grieving you are processing what is going on, you are letting out all that you feel, you are little by little putting your own pieces together in a way that only you can do for yourself.

There are different kinds of grieving and although I’m grieving my dad’s passing, one can grieve their marriage or anything that was so meaningful to them. Grief is grief and no matter what the grief is, it takes little by little, day by day.


19 thoughts on “It’s Little By Little, Day By Day

  1. P.S. As i thought of your love for your father and especially his love for you, it reminded me of these words, he is blissfully happy now in the arms of the Lord!

    ‘His Prepared Place’

    Twinkling on like sparkling starbursts
    I now know i can always stay this way
    For I have found melodies to lift my heart
    As my spirit and soul are renewed this day…

    Strengthening winds with hearty voices
    Around me in heaven now dance and sing
    While I sit here no longer afflicted
    With any of the many past earthly pains

    The brown swan which many thought fallen
    Within the worlds ending lake of life
    Has been born anew on this wonderful day
    To happily dance again before his Lords sight

    Now he knows himself to possess the true gift
    Which he longed all his life to one day taste
    As he gets the final assurance he never lost
    What in heaven is found to be his prepared place.

    Have a very blessed weekend dear sister,spiritual hugs, love, and blessings to you and your family!


  2. Beautiful Aura – I’m so sorry about your father passing from this life and how you must miss him. Yet he loves you and love never dies. Much love and comfort to you and your family.

  3. My heartfelt condolences on the demise of your father. I know, how one feels on losing the parents but we’ve to have solace that one who is born here on this planet has to die one day – now or someday afterwards. But with the passage of time,we just have to keep this loss at the back of our mind and march on in our life. Creation, evolution and destruction are the principles of our lives. If there is no destruction or end there cannot be new beginning. Hence, we’ve to wish the departed soul well in our LORD’S ABODE.

    • Thank you so much Harbans! It’s true that we all go someday. Even though I can’t see my dad physically, I can feel him spiritually and I still feel close to him. I know that he is not gone, he has just transformed because we are all spirits. Our body is just a vehicle for our spirit. I think that the passing of a loved one makes us appreciate our own life much more because life indeed is very brief. Thank you so much for your words!

      • Aura madam, that is the reality of our life. We change clothes but basically we remain the same. Our atma or spirit remains the same. We are from the genes of our parents, that always remains in us. Their thoughts, their transferred value system and other traits remain guiding us. Though we feel very sad as somebody from our family passes away, but this is the way of the world, God has created living things for destruction and then recreation.

        Thanks a lot for your very sagacious comments. Regards

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