Think About Something Else

Some of you may know that my family and I are going through a difficult moment with my dad’s health. Today I spent the day with my mom and had to convince her, literally force her, not to go to the hospital to see my dad since seeing the state in which my dad is in is too hard for her. This was my suggestion since she is every single day by his side without taking care of herself the way she should which is not healthy for her. During the day it was tempting to speak about my dad and I had to remind her to think about something else. I am happy to know that this helped and this is what I would like to encourage you to do in today’s post if you are going through a rough time.

Indeed it is very tempting to think about the very thing that makes you sad, however, this is not beneficial for you in any way. Constantly thinking about what hurts you or makes you sad will make you spiral down, hurting your well-being in every way. In the end, you are of no good to yourself nor to others.

Thinking about something else isn’t about making believe that the problem or what hurts you isn’t there. Instead, it is about restoring your mental and emotional sanity so that you don’t start heading towards the negative path. And what is that negative path? It’s the negative path of feeling depressed, of being mentally clouded, feeling hopelessness, thinking and feeling that things are coming to an end, etc. These are path of destruction which leads you to a dead end street. It doesn’t serve you. In life, in order for you to solve problems and get things done you need strength and clarity and being on the negative path robs you of both these things.

How can you think about something else? Either listen to a music that makes you feel really good, talk to a really good friend that you trust, read the bible if that helps you, meditate, watch a funny movie, anything that works for you. Do your best to avoid talking about the topic that hurts you. Do your best not to look at things that reminds you of what hurts you. Again, this is not about you making believe that the problem or what hurts you isn’t there, this is about restoring your mental and emotional sanity. Wherever your mind goes, the emotions follow and wherever the emotions go, the body follows. You want to avoid creating a negative domino effect that takes a long time to repair. Also remember that the way you live your life affects others as well so take that into consideration when you feel really sad.

It is only normal to go through a rough time every so often in life. That’s because it’s life. What is important is how you deal with the rough times and one good way is to remind yourself every so often to think about something else. Doing so will help preserve your mental and emotional sanity, contributing to more well-being not just for yourself but for others as well.

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Es todavía un privilegio

Lo que voy a escribir hoy lo escribo con dolor y con tantos sentimientos encontrados y espero que este mensaje lo haga valorar más ciertas cosas si usted todavía las tiene en su vida.

Hay cosas en la vida que uno da por descontado, desafios que a uno no le gusta enfrentar, cosas que uno desea no tener que pasar, personas que a uno nos molestan y sigue la lista de cosas. No importa que tan difícil sea el desafio, que tan difícil sea lo que usted esté enfrentando, que tanto una persona le molesta…es todavía un privilegio.

Esa persona querida que usted tiene a su lado que hay momentos que a usted le molesta es todavía un privilegio que la tenga en su vida. Recuerde que algun día esa persona no va a estar en su vida. Ese momento difícil que usted está viviendo es todavía un privilegio porque hay lecciones que aprender de esa experiencia. Ese dolor que usted siente es todavía un privilegio porque le demuestra que tan humano usted es.

Cuando usted sienta un peso encima, cuando usted se sienta agotado de cualquier situación que esté enfrentando, por favor sepa que la vida siempre está cambiando. Por lo tanto, ese momento que usted está pasando, no importa que tan difícil sea, es todavía un privilegio que usted lo esté pasando. La vida es demasiado corta y cada momento es para disfrutarlo. ¡Disfruta de esa persona amada aunque le moleste! ¡Recuerde a sus seres queridos cuánto usted los ama! ¡No importa que tan difícil sea el momento, acepte ese momento! Cada momento, hasta los momentos difíciles, es de valorar.

Lo que escribo hoy se lo dedico a mi papá. Es todavía un privilegio el poder pelear por tí, el poder luchar contigo, el poder pasar esas noches sin dormir sólo para estar a tu lado cuando estabas en un lugar nuevo, cuando te sentías sólo y necesitabas compañía. Es todavía un privilegio aunque es una tarea dura pero porque tú eres un luchador, yo soy una luchadora y aunque hay momentos en donde se siente como si todo es demasiado, continuaría a pelear junto a tí. Por todos esos momentos en los cuales he tenido que luchar junto a tí que sabemos que ya no vamos a tener, seguiremos valorando esos momentos y te damos las gracias por todo lo que tú nos está dando. ¡Te queremos y te vamos a querer siempre!

A todos ustedes, por favor recuerden que sea lo que sea…es todavía un privilegio.