Peace…An Important Element to Your Well-being

There are many things that contribute to our well-being and one of them that I would like to discuss in this post is peace.

Why is peace such an important element to one’s well-being? Because without peace you don’t have clarity. Without clarity, you can’t make wise choices. Without wise choices, you pay a very high price that spills over every other area of your life. Peace is what keeps you centered. Peace is what creates harmony within you and that harmony that you feel is what helps keep you centered.

Think about this for a moment, when you don’t feel peace whether that be outer peace or inner peace, you feel as if you lose your inner balance. Things irritate you easily. You can’t seem to make the right choices. You feel scattered, perhaps even spacey depending on how you are emotionally and mentally. It is these feelings of being scattered or spacey that clouds you from taking appropriate and positive actions. On the other hand, when you feel peace, you get centered. There is an inner balance within you that even when there seems to be chaos around you, you seem to still get it together. Peace is one of the elements that helps with this.

If peace is that important then how can one reach this level of peace? You reach this level of peace by coming into terms with things and people. What I mean with what I just wrote is that you reach a level of acceptance of things not because you necessarily agree with what is going on but because things are the way they are at the moment and because resistance can only make things worse. When we don’t come to terms with how things are, we become angry, bitter or even sad. These emotions cloud us from enjoying the present moment. There are times that you even have to accept certain relationships that you have with others. I don’t believe we are all meant to mesh with everyone and that’s ok. There are certain relationships that just are what they are and so for your well-being, it is best to accept and let go.

My intention is not to get in any shape or form religious with what I’m about to write but I believe that believing in something higher than you, whatever that may be, helps a lot. Faith indeed moves mountains and I think that without faith and the belief in something higher, we lose hope and losing hope puts you in a negative state which can attract more negative things.

Different things work for different people because we are all unique. For this reason what can help you feel peace may be different from what I have discussed on this post, depending on the situation you may be in and the kind of person you are, so find what works for you when it comes to you having peace. This is another building block to your well-being.

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2 thoughts on “Peace…An Important Element to Your Well-being

  1. Aura, such a wonderful soothing message within your words! I have missed you, but not have forgotten you, had to deal with some physical issues. Your words always make my day and do bring a certain peace within. You are blessed with an embracing wisdom that makes one to think and visualize how things could be with a little welcoming change in our lives. Thank you for what you share. Your messages always inspire me to write, but here is one I have already written about peace!

    A Solid Peace

    As the darkness of night comes to life
    When its midnight Sun rises high above
    In the stillness of its serene beauty
    I find certain peace in my Gods love

    Of what essence shall I ever be afraid
    As the strength of His love surrounds me
    His power is liken to a treasured blanket
    As His messengers nightly watch over me

    He is my rock and my precious stronghold
    In Him each night is my very sincere faith
    For who is stronger than the One I truly love
    Who alive can wrestle me from His embrace

    Never let your heart for a moment grow faint
    For darkness cannot surpass His radiant light
    Always believe and trust in God your holy Father
    And in His solid peace you will rest all night.


    You are blessed with a beautiful genuine selfless heart! Hugs, love and blessings to you dear sister!

    • Awww a solid peace, I think that is something that so many of us need and it is a necessity. I just love your poems because they are deep meaning that they touch people’s heart. I thank you so much for sharing the poem with me! And I just feel grateful that I can connect with beautiful souls through this blog. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for your words and for reading the blog! May God bless you always! I know that He always does anyway :-). I send you a very big hug!

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