Are You Afraid of Your Own Light?

I would dare to say most of us are full of lots of things that we would like to accomplish in life. I am one who thinks that each and everyone of us have something to contribute to others and a light that shines in a way like no other light can no matter how similar that light bulb may be. Even if you think there is not much light to you, you do have a light that can shine so bright so the question isn’t whether or not you have a light within you as much as are you afraid of your own light.

Why am I using this metaphor of a light to describe what you have inside you? Because whether you realize it or not, you have a skills, talents, abilities within you that can illuminate others around you as well as yourself. Your personality, your traits, your character, your skills, talents and abilities are all what I refer to a light because if you allow it, you can shine and help others shine as well. The reason why some people don’t light up as bright as others may be many but I think one of the big reasons is being afraid of that light. With this said, why do we become afraid of our own light?

One reason can be that you may be afraid to stand out. I am one to believe that there is nothing really that flattering about trying to be like others just to fit in when that means that you are not truly yourself. That is doing a disservice to yourself as well as to others. The reason why that is doing a disservice to yourself is because there is nothing like you being so comfortable in your own skin and being your authentic you. There is something so freeing about being yourself that no words can describe it. This is also doing a disservice to other people because there are others that truly benefit in ways that perhaps you can’t imagine just by you being your true self. You have something special that only you can provide. There is someone else’s life that you can change just by being yourself. Perhaps a talent that you have can help another person in need. This is why you should not worry about standing out because you were not meant to be exactly like others. You are meant to be you whoever you are.

Another big one is being afraid that others may be bothered if you are your true self. I believe this, if anyone gets intimidated or bothered by you being who you are, that is their business, not yours. What you need to concern yourself with is not how others are going to feel if you are this or that. As long as who you are and what you are doing is not hurting others, then you don’t need to worry about how others will feel or think. Basically 98% of the time other people’s reactions to things don’t have much to do with us but all to do with them. I can discuss more about this on another post.

If at the moment you feel you are not living the life you want, if you feel you are not living your full potential, I challenge you to question whether or not you are afraid of your own light. Many times it is our own fear that stops us from fully being our true selves and if this is the case, really try to find out why. You owe it to yourself and to others to be your true authentic self and to shine as bright as you can.

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¿Qué determina las decisiones que uno toma?

La semana pasada escribí sobre cómo todo está en sus decisiones pero ¿qué determina las decisiones que uno toma? Bueno, de esto me gustaría escribir hoy.

Hay muchos factores que influyen en las decisiones que uno toma. Dos de los más grandes factores son nuestras emociones y nuestra mentalidad al momento de tomar nuestras decisiones. Somo seres emocionales y como seres emocionales, nosotros somos influenciados en gran parte por cómo nos sentimos y esto juega un papel muy grande en las decisiones que uno toma. Cuando usted se siente triste, con tantas necesidades o si usted viene de un lugar dentro de usted en el cual usted siente un vacío, pues claro que usted no va a tomar las decisiones correctas. Cuando usted está cansado o estresado, es más probable de que usted escoja comidas llena de azúcar o con los carbohidratos malos. Cuando usted se siente sólo y con muchas necesidades o si usted no se siente tan bien de si mismo, es más probable de que usted escoja personas que no son buenas para usted. De la misma manera, cuando usted se siente bien y relajado, es más probable de que usted escoja comidas saludables. Cuando usted se siente bien sobre usted mismo y siente llenura dentro de usted, es más probable que usted escoja personas buenas para usted. Este es el poder de las emociones.

Su estado mental también juega un papel muy grande en las decisiones que usted toma. Un estado mental equivocado puede atraer hasta su peor pesadilla. Se sentirá como si usted fuera un imán de cosas malas y de hecho, cuando usted tiene un estado mental equivocado, usted atrae las cosas equivocadas. No es que usted necesariamente atrae estas cosas pero es que usted no puede filtrar lo que es malo para usted. Cuando su estado mental no está bien, claro que sus emociones no van estar bien. Todo está conectado, por lo tanto, en donde está sus pensamientos, sus emociones los siguen también. Un estado mental equivocado lo puede llevar a pensar que lo que usted quiere no es posible, haciendo que usted tome las decisiones equivocadas. Sin embargo, cuando su estado mental está bien, usted buscará las posibilidades en las cosas no importa que tan difícil puedan aparecer las cosas.

Cuando usted toma una decisión, es importante entender las razones detrás de esa decisión y las consecuencias de esa decisión. Todo tiene consecuencias ya sean buenas o malas. Las consecuencias no son nada más que los resultados que uno obtiene de cada acción que uno toma.

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