It All Comes Down To Your Choices

I found it interesting that someone came across my blog by typing “I woke up feeling sad, what does this mean” in their search. Whoever it was that typed this and came across my blog, first I would like to thank you for reading my blog and I hope that today’s post can shine a light to what it is that you are searching.

I do believe that there are reasons for our emotions. Whether we understand that emotion or not, that is a different story and a different topic that I can discuss another time. The reason why I find it so essential for me to write today’s post is because perhaps many feel things that they may not understand and are trying to understand the “why”.

When feeling down, it is important to understand why you feel down and it is even more important for you to know that it all comes down to your choices. You make the choice everyday as to how you are going to feel about things, how you are going to let things affect you and you are the one who chooses whether or not you are going to live a happy life. You do have control over your life in many ways whether you realize this or not.

When you feel sad, you should ask yourself why is that and make the decision to be happy. Make that decision that you will have that life that you always wanted. Make that decision to have a healthy life. Make that decision to surround yourself by loving and supportive people. Make that decision to be the best you that you can be. Know that your emotions are a part of you but they don’t have to rule you. I would like to clarify that I am not saying to ignore your emotions or that you just force yourself to feel happy when feeling sad, no, not at all. I would like to say that if you constantly feel sad for no reason for more than two weeks, I recommend you seek professional help. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help when you need it. But know that you do have control over your life.

When a situation or a person “makes” you feel a certain way, know that the choice is yours as to how you are going to allow that person or situation to make you feel. The one in control of your emotions is YOU. No one and nothing else.

If there is a situation that just doesn’t make you happy, the choice is yours as to whether or not you will continue in that same situation. You have two choices- you either change the situation or you change your perspective of the situation. Staying miserable in the same situation shouldn’t be a choice and once again, the choice is always yours.

Everything from what we eat, the friends we have, the person we marry, the way we live, the way we think and everything in between are choices that we all make on a daily basis that impact our life even if it’s in small ways. You always have to remember no matter what, it all comes down to your choices.

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3 thoughts on “It All Comes Down To Your Choices

  1. You are right madam, it all depends on us how we conduct ourselves while confronted with some odd predicament. Everything starts with us and ends with us. Equanimity is the answer to our vexing problems and this comes by controlling our emotions. If happiness is good for us then sadness tests our resolve to face the situation head on. :)) Regards

  2. We become what we feed our spirits each day, and by doing so, we set the tone and tenor of each of our days. I always find myself move to write when I embrace your messages. It is easy to do because of the genuine selfless love you share…for your words have life and light! Though this poem is written with God in mind, it is relative to your message…when we choose positive things to dwell on we are lifted in blossoming ways! I am going to share it on my blog because of your message, and also here Aura. Thanks for the spiritual hugs your heart always shares with every word.

    Your Word

    Your word is upon my mind
    , my memory, my spirit
    And nowhere can I go where
    your word is not heard within
    my ears…

    For my mind has become a
    recorder of the goodness
    your word, and is always
    replayed throughout my day

    Your word whether spoken
    sung, or prayed upon is within
    me and so alive as each breath
    I am able to breathe

    For your word is a living word
    whose life’s essence changes
    the tenor and color of ones day
    with its master melody

    And as thoughts are not erased
    from the vaults of our minds,
    our souls and our hearts always
    painting the walls inside…nor
    is your word erased from within

    For it is a living word, a spiritual
    word whose life will never be
    diminished…for it comes from
    the eternity of your love…my God.

    Wendell A. Brown

    May your life be blessed so
    continuously by God’s love
    my beloved sister!

    • I LOVE this poetry of yours! Thank you so much for posting it with your comment! I must say, your poetry touches people because one can feel it comes from your heart. I thank you so much for your words and compliment! They mean so much to me, really! And keep filling our hearts up with your poetry and words! I send you a very big hug!

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