Are You Really Living Your True Life? If Not, How Can You Know?

The past three days have been a bit emotional for me for reasons that what I really want out of life came to the surface and I came to the realization of several things of which I’m pretty sure there are others who feel the same and it is for this reason that in today’s post I ask you to ask yourself…are you really living your true life? If not, how can you know?

Sometimes we live the life that we live because we are trying to please others or we live it because that’s what others think we should be doing. Sometimes we live the life that we live because we are being there for someone else. Sometimes it is our own fear that stops us or even our limiting beliefs that hinder us of being the person we want to be. There are times that when we are just going with the flow of things, we are subconsciously numbing who we truly are and what we are really feeling, making a huge mistake which can be costly. For this reason in today’s post, I would like to discuss how can you know when you are not living your true life.

Pay attention to your emotions. I have said it and wrote before that your emotions are just feedback from your soul. If you wake up every morning hating your life, or not happy with life for whatever reason,  you hate going to your job, you feel sad for no reason, etc, these are things to start paying attention to. You can’t nor should you ignore these feelings because it is an indication that something is seriously wrong in your life and that something has to change. This is equivalent to when your body is giving you symptoms that something is wrong which is an indication that an illness may be developing and you are just ignoring it. Feeling constantly in a negative state is not normal!

Pay attention to your body. There are times when your body has physical manifestations of some emotional or mental hurt that you have. When you are constantly suppressing a yearning, a hurt, an anger, these have to go somewhere. There are times when it comes out as a physical pain whether that is constant headaches, joint pain, etc. If you feel this pain when you are in an environment or in a situation and that same pain goes away when you are away from that environment or situation, that is a sure sign that something you have been suppressing is manifesting physically. Don’t ignore this sign!

Pay attention to the things that you feel strongly about or connect very strongly to something you see or hear. Those are signs from your higher and true self that you are meant to be doing those things and having those things. There are times that one may think that if they don’t have a particular thing that they desire then perhaps that isn’t meant for them when that is not the case. There are times that we may subconsciously numb that desire and as a result we think that we are not meant to have that. Strong feelings or strong connections to things you see and hear are indications that those are things for you to pursue and keep believing in having them. Keep believing that you will have those things which you feel so strongly for!

Well-being is about you living greatly, you living passionately and living authentic to you who truly are regardless of what others may think or feel. This is your life to live, nobody is living this life for you, therefore, you need to live it according to your authentic you.

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9 thoughts on “Are You Really Living Your True Life? If Not, How Can You Know?

  1. I was in Galveston last week sharing thanksgiving with my eldest daughter and her family. I found myself full of a certain peace that cam each time I saw the waves reach the shore, kissing the sand each morning, as the sun kissed the sky with its rising…Gods peace reigned supreme! I say that because the message in your words is always a wonderful gift…glowing gems which light ones soul. Know that your importance in this world has already been determined by God who created your loving and selfless heart. You are like a beautiful spiritual flower whom when it blossoms newly each day…it fills with joy each soul and heart it touches!

    • Your compliment is so moving to me and it inspires me to continue writing what I write. I thank you so much for all your words, for reading the blog which I feel isn’t my blog but your blog and everybody else’s blog because I do it for others, not for myself. Thank you for the reminder that my importance in this world has already been determined by God. Indeed I too believe that it is him who determines our importance in this earth. Once again, thank you so much!

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