Are You Feeding Diseases?

These past few days have been very stressful for me because of what my family and I are going through with my dad’s health. Finding him a rehab center was more challenging than we have thought. Luckily this week, after many weeks of looking for a rehab center for him, we finally found one that accepted my dad with all his medications. After one emergency after another, after speaking so much with social workers, with doctors, doing research, going around checking out facilities, there were times that I put my health aside, really. I skipped meals these past days, it was challenging to sleep and it got to a point where I knew that my regular routine was lost. I no longer needed strong coffee to feel jittery because I was able to sense that my body, even when there was no reason to feel agitated or stress, it still thought it was in a state of emergency. All this got me thinking about how easy it is to become chronically sick over time and because of this I ask you this one question…are you feeding diseases?

One thing that we sometimes fail to realize is that all of us are prone to diseases. All of us. However, what determines whether we develop a disease or not is our lifestyle. Our genes do play a role, however, whether or not you develop a disease will also depend on your overall lifestyle. This is why I do advocate not to abuse your body on a daily basis because there will be times that because of life’s circumstances your health may be compromised a bit. This is why it is important to give your body the basics on a daily basis. The basics are proper nutrition, proper sleep, physical activity and stress management.

Proper nutrition is the FUEL for the body. You are on the outside what you put in the inside. If you want everything to work properly in your body, feed it not just to control your hunger but to have OPTIMUM health. One thing that I must include with your nutrition is supplementation. It is CRUCIAL to take supplements. Why? Because as the word itself implies, it supplements what you eat. Supplements are not meant to make up what you don’t eat, they are meant to ADD to what you are already eating. However, when choosing supplements, make sure you choose high quality ones which would be pharmaceutical grade. I can discuss more on another post.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep for everyone will be different since some may need more than eight hours of sleep while others may need less. Sleep is so crucial because it is when you sleep that cells are replenished, the immune system gets a boost, anything that you are learning are reinforced in the brain and the list goes on and on as to the benefits of sleep. This is a topic all on its own. If you want to feel balanced, alert, and not feel so hungry, make sure you get sleep.

Awww physical activity, a must to maintain health. It helps the blood circulate better throughout the body, it helps release the feel good chemicals in the body, and there is something about working out that just makes you want to keep up with the healthy eating. Being physically active creates a domino effect in your life so even if you have to start small, do so but stay active. Your body was designed to be in motion.

The last thing but equally important is stress management. Stress was not meant to be eliminated from your life. Stress has its purpose since it helps prepare the body to either “fight or flight” a situation that may be threatening for us. Even though stress has its evolutionary purposes because stress does help the body prepare to deal with a threatening situation or with an emergency, constant stress creates damage to your body over time. This is why it is important that you know how to manage stress. Find things that are soothing and relaxing for you and try to do those things on a daily basis. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity for your overall well-being.

Your overall well-being depends on all of the things that I have discussed in this post. You are worth the investment and time in yourself. Should you want to learn more about supplementation since I am passionate about that topic as well as overall well-being, you can contact me by filling out the “Contact Me” form. I encourage you now to start taking a look at these different areas of your life and to start taking care of your body now.

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La pereza… la gran asesina de una buena vida…

Tenemos un criminal en la ciudad y ella no descrimina y puede atacar a cualquier persona en cualquier momento en la vida. Sí, es un criminal porque ella mata su oportunidad de una gran vida, mata sus sueños y le roba su motivación en la vida. A este criminal no le importa si usted es hombre o mujer, cuál es su etnicidad ni cuántos años tiene. ¡Sí, me atrevo a decirlo, ese criminal se llama pereza!

“¡Deja de ser tan dramática Aura!” quizás usted se dirá a si mismo. No, esto no es ser dramático porque la pereza es una gran criminal si usted le permite que entre a su vida. Hay muchos quienes desean una gran vida pero se ponen vagos para hacer lo que se tiene que hacer para tener lo que quieren el la vida.

La pereza puede atacar en cualquier momento. Muchas veces ni nos damos cuenta mientras hay momentos que sí nos damos cuenta. Una manera segura de saber si la pereza lo ataca es cuando usted comienza hacer excusas del por qué usted no puede hacer esto ni aquello. Cuando escribo “excusas”, no me refiero a excusas que son legítimas como cuando realmente se tiene problemas en la vida. Creo que usted sabe muy bien el tipo de excusas a la cual me refiero porque muy dentro de usted mismo sabe cuando tiene una excusa si esa excusa es una manera de usted auto convencerse de que usted no puede hacer esto o tener aquello.

Otra manera de saber si la pereza lo está atacando es cuando usted sabiendo que tiene que hacer algo mas sin embargo usted no siente el deseo de hacerlo. Cuando usted no siente el deseo de hacer algo, usted va a tener la tentación de buscar excusas para justificar el por qué usted no puede hacer algo. Una cosa que tiene que tener en mente es que cualquier cosa que usted quiera alzanzar en la vida usted no siempre va a tener las ganas de hacer pero usted aún así lo hace porque tiene presente su meta.

Si usted dice que quiere algo pero no hace nada para tener lo que quiere, sí, esa es la pereza que lo está atacando, tratando de matar sus sueños. El querer algo no es suficiente para tener lo que quiere. Usted tiene que tomar acción. Usted tiene que hacer algo todos los días para llegar más cerca a lo que quiere. Esta es la parte más difícil. El querer es fácil, el secreto está en tomar acción y cuando usted comienza a tener la perspectiva de que el tomar acción es algo difícil o imposible, usted está dejando que la pereza lo ataque una y otra vez, justificando el por qué usted no puede hacer algo.

Mi deseo es que lo que he escrito lo ayude a estar atento a cómo usted quizás está permitiendo que la pereza mate su oportunidad de tener la vida que usted quiere. Si usted comienza a prestar atención a estas señales que he escrito, usted va a saber cuando la pereza está tratando de atacar y va a poder detenerla a tiempo.

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