“Let Go Of What You Are Holding On To So You Can Make Room For What I truly Have For You”

Lately I have been feeling down over a situation I should have never allowed myself to be in. I was so angry at myself for making myself vulnerable unto a guy that didn’t even feel the same way I felt. I guess I was more angry at myself if anything. The point is I was hanging on to something that is not serving me and putting my energy where I didn’t need to place it. With this feeling I went to sleep and last night I had the strangest dream. It was me texting that guy and receiving a response I didn’t want to hear. Right as I’m reading the message, I heard a voice telling me “Let go of what doesn’t serve you! What may have felt good before may not necessarily feel good now and that’s when you have to let go! It doesn’t serve you anymore! Let go of what you are holding on to so that you can make room for what I truly have for you!”. That voice was so firm and the dream felt so real that I woke up. I had to look at my phone and I saw the time. It was 2: 45 am.

I woke up thinking “how true is that last statement”. I don’t know if it was God talking to me or my inner guide but how many of us hold on to things that once felt good or right but no longer serves us?! How many of us make the mistake of holding on to a relationship, a person, a situation, anything either because of fear or anger?! The sad part about this is that by doing this, WE stop ourselves from receiving the goods that are meant for us. By doing this, we are not making space for better things to come.

If you want anything in life but are holding on to something that no longer serves you, let it go! Truly, let go of that relationship that isn’t working, let go of that person that doesn’t reciprocate what you feel, let go of any resentment or anger you feel, let go of any jealousy or envy! Just let it go! By letting it go, the person you are setting free is yourself! Be holding on to things, there is no way you can make room for the new and better. It’s like a house, in order for you to make room for new things, you have to let go of the junk.

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is so necessary for your well-being. Life is not meant to be a struggle and when something feels like a struggle, you truly need to reevaluate what is going on. The act of letting go may be painful at first but in the long run it is so freeing.

6 thoughts on ““Let Go Of What You Are Holding On To So You Can Make Room For What I truly Have For You”

  1. So True – I put my heart, soul, resources, knowledge, expertise, teachings…just about EVERYTHING into a relationship, guy and business that wasn’t in MY BEST INTEREST. I did it for the guy and the fantasy of what I wanted. I earned my PhD. in L-I-F-E from that experience. My intentions were different from his. Therefore no matter what I did, nothing aligned…in fact, it blew up Big Time. Thank you for putting this in writing Aura Martinez. Glad you had a dream that WOKE you up to what’s best for you.

    • You hit it right in the nail when you said the fantasy of what you wanted. I think that fantasizing things rather than seeing reality for what it is is what gets people in trouble. Thank you for your comment! It was such a vivid dream the one I had.

      • The part about letting go that isn’t easy. How do you do it? Some people don’t know what the first step is.

      • Indeed letting go isn’t easy. I think that knowing that I can only control how I feel, my reactions to things, knowing that when things are not going my way there is still a blessing to it and that indeed things ARE working in my favor and focusing my attention on myself helps. This is a topic if you want I can cover on another post. Thank you so much for commenting!

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