Now Is YOUR Time!

There are moments in life when we feel like life has become stagnant, or we are going backwards or we start to lose hope. If there is something that I have learned is that even in challenging times when we feel life has become stagnant or we are going backwards, it’s actually the opposite. These are the moments where you can actually have a revelation! These are the moments full of growth! These are the moments where you can see what you are made of!

I’m a believer that every moment is your time and in these hard times it is especially your time. Besides, having a negative perspective on your life and future doesn’t do you nor others any good. I know this is easier said than done and I know this firsthand because just like everyone else, I too have had times of hardship and felt like things are not going the way I wanted, etc, etc. I can tell you , though, that this thought pattern took me nowhere. Because of my thoughts, emotionally I was just spiraling down to the point that all that I was thinking and feeling was manifesting physically. When I decided to change my thoughts, I noticed my emotions changing and what was physically manifesting was changing as well.  I started by feeling grateful for all the “small” stuff, as my soul friend, Dawn Tomlinson, reminded me to do. I stated feeling grateful for the moment, even if the moment may suck. I was grateful for feeding myself, for being able to spend time with family, for having a job, for having health, for everything. Then I was thinking and asking myself “what do I have to learn from all this?”. Then I  reminded myself this is my time. Just like I do this to myself, I’m here to say this is YOUR time! This is your time to flourish, your time to grow, your time to be your best, your time to have and be all you want to be! When you claim this as your time, you will feel strong inside, strength inside you and you will find that wisdom and peace you are searching.

Claiming this moment as your time is very empowering and this feeling is felt in every cell of your body. You nourish your body with health and wellbeing when you start to view this moment as your time, everything to your benefit. Part of wellbeing is having a balance in your mental and emotional state. This is one way of achieving that balance by learning to claim every moment as your moment and growing from it. I challenge you to claim this very instant as YOUR time no matter how much it may feel bad for you. I guarantee you perhaps not now, perhaps not tomorrow, but if you are persistent in claiming every moment as your time that you will FEEL the difference in your mind and body and you will SEE the difference in your life.

“Thank God For Our Mistakes!”

So many times we are so hard on ourselves for the mistakes that we make. Very rarely do we stop to think of the importance and lesson of that mistake. Well, I have a different take on mistakes and hopefully this will help you look at them from a different light.

You need mistakes to grow. Mistakes are life lessons. It doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you less of a person. Viewing mistakes as weaknesses does harm to you psychologically because it affects your self-esteem. Once your self-esteem is affected, this starts to affect your decision making, making you more likely to make MORE mistakes.

A mistake can reveal so much to you about your mental, emotional and spiritual state. Allow that mistake to be your teacher. Allow that mistake to make you mature. Allow that mistake to make you into a better person, into the person that you were meant to be. When you do this, you will notice yourself making less mistakes, you grow in self-confidence, and you will learn things about you that you probably never knew about yourself. This is exactly what life is about, continuous growth. It is this growth that will allow you to blossom into the beautiful, extraordinary person you were meant to be. This is what mistakes can do for you if you are open to it.

Now I would like to clarify that I am not advocating to making mistakes that you know before making them that they are mistakes. No, but if you made a mistake, don’t dwell on it. Don’t shrink because of it. No! We are humans and as humans we will make mistakes from time to time. From someone who tends to be a perfectionist, I can tell you that being hard on yourself when making a mistake is detrimental to your wellbeing. You would do yourself a big favor by being gentle with yourself the way you would with a friend and accept that you made a mistake and learn from it. This is just one of the many ways to add more wellbeing into your life.

The Need For Human Contact

Nowadays, it seems as if technology is replacing the human contact we used to have and this is all across the board. You see this in stores where little by little you no longer need a cashier to charge for your items. There are machines where you can scan the items of purchase yourself, follow the directions and pay either with cash or credit card. You see this over the phone when calling a company, rather than a human being responding to the call, it is a machine giving you options to prompt you to dial a number not once, not twice, more often than not more than three times before you even speak to a human being. And now this is also spilling over to dating where you are not really dating the person you are with because their attention is also on chatting with someone else over the phone while out on a date with you. I wonder where we are heading as a society with all this technology replacing what is not replaceable and that is human contact.

In a world that is becoming more stressful and where it almost feels as if we are more distant from each other, having human contact is essential. It is that human contact that makes us feel that we are all connected. It is that human contact that makes us feel like we are cared for. We were meant to connect with one another. Technology is such a great thing because it allows us to get close with those that are physically far from us. On the other hand, because of the misuse of technology, this has distanced those that are close by.

My advice to combat that is to start cultivating those positive relationships that you have. Start by spending time with your kids, parents, good friends, etc. Give them your undivided attention when you do spend time with them. Paying attention to something else while being with them doesn’t count. Giving them your undivided attention makes them feel like you are truly there with them and that the time you spend with them matters. When you cultivate healthy relationships, you will notice your inner void or hunger for love dissipating. To receive love you must give love.

Another way of combating this lack of human contact is by being kind and smile at others even if you don’t know them. We are all connected one way or another and what we do to others does come back to us. When you are kind and smile at others, the world smiles right back at you. The gift of your smile can go a long way and can even make someone else’s day. Your kindness can melt a hard heart. It’s so beautiful when providing a service to hear the words “please” and “thank you”. This acknowledges the service that is being provided and that the service is appreciated. So the next time you go anywhere where service is being provided to you, don’t forget the magic words.

Have respect for the way others are, think, where they come from, their likes, etc. We all deserve respect and we all are drawn to those who respects us for who we are. You can not expect others to be drawn to you when you are full of criticism and negativity. Respecting others is respecting yourself. What we say reflects the way we feel about ourselves. Make it your goal to want to learn about other people’s culture, other ways of thinking, learn about other religions so you can learn tolerance. This will help you to be more open-minded and have more respect of other people’s differences.

Be more giving! Give more sincere love, time, attention, smiles, kindness, positivity and details that shows the other person you thought of them. One example of details is when my father was hospitalized, I bought him a small teddy bear which I told him will protect him and watch over him. I poured so much love and positivity on this teddy bear, it was a gift of love. My dad told me that one nurse said she felt the teddy bear was staring at her. I told my dad that was the teddy bear telling the nurse that she better take good care of him. He laughed.

As you can see, there are different ways that you can cultivate more human contact. You can do this everywhere in any situation whether you are at a restaurant or over the phone, for example. Human contact is part of our wellbeing because we are social beings. Make it a goal to have positive interactions with other people and you will grow in wellbeing.