A Little Slowing Down Is Necessary In Life

Here I am, in the city, sitting down in Dunking Donuts and sipping on my decaf tea at 4 pm while waiting to go to the pharmacy to pick up my dad’s medication. I have to wait an hour for my dad’s medication. An hour! “Gosh!”, anyone would think, “What can I do for an hour waiting for some medication?” My response, just sit back and drink some decaf tea. Yes, just sit and read a little. Just sit and watch people walk by while sipping on my tea.

Lots of times we just rush, rush, rush, always rushing to do the next thing that needs to get done. I know that’s what I used to do only to realize I was rushing for nothing, stressing myself, slowly making myself sick and not enjoying the moment. Whether you realize it or not, it is important for your mental, emotional and physical health to just slow down and take a  moment to just appreciate the moment and just relax. Take it slow. Always being in a rush actually activates the sympathetic system which is involved in the flight and fight response when we perceive danger and this is dangerous for our health on a constant, daily basis.

Slowing down allows you to take in the moment, thus, enjoying it. Slowing down relaxes the body allowing you to be calm, your mind to be clear and emotionally in balance. Isn’t balance something that we are constantly striving to have? Well, slowing down is part of the equation in order to achieve that balance. The next time you find yourself having to wait long in line, wait to get anything, take that as an opportunity to just relax, slow down and even still, to enjoy that very moment.

If you are the type who is always in a rush or Type A personality, this will take some time. Whatever it takes for you to reach that point of learning to slow down, give yourself that time. It will be so worth it and it is a small investment you are making towards your health and wellbeing. Wellbeing doesn’t come overnight so any small deposit you make will make a difference. This act of slowing down, you will slowly notice, will provide you with some inner peace, also necessary for our wellbeing.

Any moment you can take to slow down, take it. Trust me, it is NOT a waste of time but a small deposit to your health and wellbeing and towards living to the max.

It’s Too Much Work To Be Negative

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that smiling and being positive is too much work, especially under a lot of stress or when sleep deprived. The truth is that being negative is too much work rather than being positive. Negativity only attracts more negativity. Think about it. If you go to a store and the clerk is in a bad mood, speaks to you with an attitude, what will your reaction be? You will feel tempted to be nasty right back, right? You certainly won’t want to go back to the store, you will have ill regards towards that person, etc.

I don’t know about you but when I feel negative or when I’m mad, I can feel how my body changes. I get hot, I feel irritable, I have less patience. It’s my personal opinion but feeling this way is just not worth it. Being constantly in a negative state is just harmful for your wellbeing in general. It raises your blood pressure, it clouds your thinking and judgment. You just attract the wrong people and wrong situation, your body changes and not for good, etc. One thing that I would like to clarify is that it is normal to be frustrated or mad from time to time when the situation warrants it. In this blog, I’m referring to the constant negativity from the moment you wake up all the way to when you sleep every single day. This kind of negativity is not healthy.

I would like to include that negativity is not only having a negative outlook in life or being in a bad mood. Negativity also includes being envious, jealous, wanting what others have, constantly being worried, etc. The reason why I include these is because nothing good can happen to you when you are envious or jealous towards others. Worrying all the time about things you can’t control or worrying about things that you can change but don’t is just a waste of time because worrying paralyzes us. When you are envious or jealous, you are not hurting the other person by feeling this way, you are hurting yourself. Rather than using your energy on those emotions, you can use this energy to improve and focus on yourself. There is no need to want what others have because we are all special in our own way. We all have our own talents and we are all unique in our own ways. Therefore, there is no need to want what others have.

Negativity does no good to you and it’s not even worth your time and energy. It’s too much work! Instead of remaining in negativity, channel that energy instead into something productive and positive. This will ensure your growth and happiness and will lead you to live to the max.